Depositphotos hands-on review: PENTAX K-3

Pentax K-3 review

Pentax overhauls the K-5 II successor inside and out. It’s got a new anti-aliasing filter, 24mp sensor, a new body design , a new 27 point AF system and a new 86000 pixel RGB metering system. There’s also improved performance with continues shooting increasing up to 8.5 fps. The new auto focus system unfortunately doesn’t have any LiveView optimizations, though Pentax says that 5 of the AF sensors are specifically for low light. Indeed, the model we were able to finagle from Pentax, was able to lock focus in some pretty dim conditions.

Free vector image of the week: beautiful foliage from ClassyCatStudio

Oh, you’re in for something special, my fellow golden autumn adorers! Today’s free vector is about all things foliage:

Flying autumn leaves on orange background


Flying autumn leaves background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

Getting ready: 5 Featured contributors ready to scare you good for Halloween

The “Day of the Dead”, the “Night of the Floating Apples” (now, that’s a weird one), the “Celtic New Year – these are all names for the same holiday better known as Halloween. Although, we still got a couple of weeks before the Wicked witch leaves the forest, the pros always prepare in advance. In our case, with the help of a selection of featured artists who in our opinion are unsurpassable in the art of scaring people. Of course, in a good way. Here they are:

Illustration of Halloween scrapbook elements


Illustration of Halloween scrapbook elements — © aviany 20% off!

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