TUT ON TUESDAY: How to get use out of a useless cat

А few days ago we reported on getting at least some use out of a sleeping toddler. The response was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to continue the series of tutorials and show you, how to get some use out of a cat that is not into hunting mice. Not into anything, really. Not unlike the aforementioned baby, cats that belong to the young couple behind this blog prefer eating and sleeping to any other conceivable activity known to beast and men. So, what do you do with useless cats like that? You dress them in tights and have them entertain the bejesus out of the entire world! Observe:

Epic cat in tights

Top 5 new contributors to watch during the Christmas season!

Our new contributor Sergey Pazharski  (blurAZ1) is your one stop shop for all things urban. And blur…

night city of intentional motion blur

Night city of intentional motion blur | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Sergey Pazharski

Friday link roundup: 5 things to pay attention to this week end

Let’s be real. You’re probably never going to own a home designed by Zaha Hadid. But a doll house? That’s maybe within the realm of possibility, assuming you have thousands of dollars to spend on what is essentially a very, very expensive toy. Read more…

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