Is this the first time you’ve heard about Depositphotos? Or are you thinking of becoming a stock content platform user or contributor, but can’t decide which platform to opt for? Get into this detailed Depositphotos review to learn the benefits of working with our platform in 2022!

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Depositphotos pricing, stock content licenses, tools, free files, and more.


What Is Depositphotos: A Bit of Background

Depositphotos Inc. is a stock content platform founded in 2009 (Headquartered in Florida, USA). Today, it provides users with files for commercial and editorial use. Files include photos, vectors, illustrations, music, SFX files, and video.

At the beginning of 2022, our library contained over 230 million files and it continues to grow daily. In particular, over 70 000 files are uploaded to the library every day. This is what makes Depositphotos one of the biggest stock content platforms in the world.

The platform offers clients high-quality, royalty-free content, and enables millions of talented content producers from all over the globe to earn from their works. In 2022, the community of Depositphotos contributors exceeded 90,000 professionals — with their portfolios, they’ve reached almost 30 million clients.

To help companies and organizations execute their creative and marketing tasks, our team developed an online ecosystem. It includes free AI-powered tools like VistaCreate graphic editor, Background Remover, Image Upscaler, Search by Image, and the Depositphotos free library (over 64,000 files).

To make content search fast and accurate for clients, the platform offers AI-powered content, smart filters, Favorites, and curated collections on trending topics.

Depositphotos homepage

The Depositphotos homepage


Key facts you should know about Depositphotos: 

  • We are one of the largest stock content platforms in the world (over 230 million files as of April 2022)
  • Photos, vectors, illustrations, music & SFX, and videos are available for our clients
  • An AI-based search engine, advanced search filters, and curated collections make content search on Depositphotos easy
  • The Depositphotos ecosystem consists of various instruments, most of which are free — VistaCreate Editor, Background Remover, Image Upscaler, Search by Image, the Depositphotos blog, API program, and curated collections
  • As of the beginning of 2021, over 29 million clients are using the platform and over 90,000 talents are contributing their works
  • The platform offers customers numerous pricing solutions, including custom ones (for enterprises), and the Depositphotos cost extended plan (Flexible plan on images), which allows you to transfer unused downloads
  • Free file library enables registered users to download files from over 64,000 curated images and videos, and use them for commercial and personal needs


Depositphotos Services

Depositphotos is an ecosystem of various services for creatives. Besides being a platform where clients can buy files within a Depositphotos Standard License or Extended License (for more information, see the “Depositphotos License Types” section), one can also use it to create materials for marketing, educational, or artistic needs.

Here’s a list of the most important tools and features you can use on Depositphotos:


  • Get stock content

The Depositphotos library contains 230M+ stock files and offers you advanced navigation 

The platform offers various types of stock content such as images, audio files, and videos. You can start a Depositphotos Free Trial on images to explore all the benefits. The key advantage of the platform is its search engine.

You can apply the Search by Image tool to conduct a reverse content search (if you have a reference image), use keywords and keyword suggestions, and set numerous filters (color scheme, objects in the frame, orientation, season, etc.).

More tips for clients here — Guide to Depositphotos Search.

Depositphotos content search navigation filters

Search now


  • Enjoy and store trending stock content easily

With curated collections and “Favorites” folders

Curated collections of images, music files, and videos contain authentic and trending content tailored to popular topics, marketing holidays, seasons, and more. The collections are hand-picked by skilled content curators and save your content search time significantly.

You can create your own content collections too. Add files you like to Favorites and navigate them whenever you need. You don’t have to download files from your own collections. Instead, you can store them in online folders, share links with colleagues, or simply track creators that you admire.

Depositphotos curated collections

Explore collections


  • Sell stock content

Earn by selling images, music, and videos

Anybody can become a Depositphotos contributor and earn by selling their work. To start selling your content, register as an author, pass a brief quality examination of your work, and fill your portfolio with files. As soon as any of your files are sold, we’ll notify you about your reward. You can withdraw your revenue through your bank account.

On your contributor’s page, you’ll find tools to track your income, adjust your portfolio, and learn about seasonal demand and keywording.

Become a contributor


  • Edit content in a couple of clicks

Free AI-powered and automated tools by Depositphotos  

Create visuals for marketing or social projects online! VistaCreate is a template-based graphic editor integrated with the Depositphotos library. To create a static or animated visual for social accounts, posters, or website banners, simply choose a format, pick a template, and adjust it. The Starter plan is free!

Other services from our ecosystem: Image Upscaler, Background Remover, and the Depositphotos blog. Read their detailed descriptions in the tailored section: “Depositphotos Free Options”.

Make your design


  • Integrate our services with your platform

API program by Depositphotos

Save your team’s time! Use Depositphotos stock footage, images, and audio files on your website without manually visiting our platform and searching for content. And this is only the beginning!

You can integrate your application or website with our free tools such as Image Upscaler, Background Remover, Search by Image, and more. In addition, use API to access an exclusive collection of 1,2M+ files available with unlimited downloads for a month or year (for just $4.99/mo).

Get API integration


Depositphotos Pricing

To download and use content from our library, you need to choose a plan that matches your needs and expectations. The platform offers you separate plans on images (photos, vectors, and illustrations come together), music & SFX, and videos.

There are 2 types of plans for each content type: Subscription and On Demand. A subscription is generally more cost-effective, as it offers the lowest price per file regardless of its type. In turn, an On Demand plan means you stock up on file downloads for a year.

In both options, the more downloads in your plan — the lower the Depositphotos USD price per file. Subscriptions are good for a month or year; a longer subscription period means a lower price per file. The maximum number of downloads within a monthly Subscription on images is 75 items, however, an additional download will only cost you $1.

  • Photos, vectors, and illustrations — from $0.22 per file
  • Depositphotos videos — from $6.66 per file
  • Music and SFX — $12.99/mo with an Unlimited Subscription

The Extended License option (Depositphotos) is only available within On Demand plans (for more information, see the paragraph below). More information on our plans can be found here — Our Plans & Prices.

Depositphotos pricing

Explore details on our plans and prices by clicking the Pricing button at the top of any Depositphotos page


Depositphotos License Types

All files available on our platform are royalty-free, meaning you don’t need Depositphotos contributors to provide you with personal permission for usage. As soon as you buy a file, you can use it under a certain license.

You can purchase a Depositphotos video, audio, or image under 2 types of licenses: Standard and(or) Extended License. Here is a brief description of both, find detailed information on this topic on our Help Center page.

Depositphotos Standard License 

This is a default license that allows you to use files for personal and commercial needs that fall within the terms of the license. In particular, you can use files for advertising, marketing, product packaging, newspapers and magazines, books, UI designs, and more.

Keep in mind that their print run is limited to 500,000 copies and you can’t resell downloaded items.

Extended License 

This license covers the same areas as a Standard License, but it does not contain any limits on prints. In addition, it allows you to distribute for free and resell products designed using downloaded files, such as posters, postcards, cups, T-shirts, fabrics, artwork, and coloring books.

Get information about our licensing agreements here — Standard and Extended License Agreement.

Depositphotos Standard and Extended License Agreement

All legal information can be found on the All Documents page;

A quick link to this section is at the bottom of any Depositphotos page


Depositphotos Free Options

There are several useful tools that belong to the Depositphotos ecosystem and are free. For most of them, the only existing requirement is — you need to have an account on our platform (you do not need to have an active plan). Registered clients also receive newsletters about Depositphotos discounts and offers. You can save a lot! Free tools available for clients:


  • The Library of Free Files

Depositphotos Free Files

You can go to the Free Files section from the top of the Depositphotos homepage. At the beginning of 2022, the collection consisted of over 69,000+ files available under a Free License. Content curators update Free Files with new photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos every week. All files ​​are open for personal and commercial purposes with attribution.

Depositphotos use without file attribution is possible with any plan, including a multi-content one that allows unlimited downloads from the 1.2M+ image and video library (from $4.99 per month).

Get free files


  • VistaCreate Editor (Starter plan)

VistaCreate Editor homepage

VistaCreate is an online template-based graphic editor integrated with our library. The Starter plan for using the template-based editor is free, providing you with 50,000+ design templates, a million creative assets, fonts, music, animations, backgrounds, and objects for your visuals. You will also get 10 GB of storage for files and projects!

Make your design


  • Background Remover

Depositphotos Background Remover

This tool is free to use, and we’re constantly working on making it even more user-friendly! To get a background-free visual, you need to upload an image to the Background Remover and wait a few seconds. In the latest version of the tool, you can adjust the results.

Remove background


  • Image Upscaler 

Depositphotos Image Upscaler

Double the size of your images and enhance quality at the same time. Our AI-powered algorithms recognize objects in your pictures and provide you with enlarged ones! The Image Upscaler is automated, so all we require from you is to upload an image.

Upscale your image


  • Depositphotos blog 

Design inspiration, photography tips, featured collections, marketing guides, and many more! The Depositphotos blog is a powerful source of inspiration both for our clients and content creators. New articles on trending topics are added weekly. And you can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter to always stay updated.

Every Depositphotos author is provided with free analytic tools regarding client activity in their portfolios, and tools to generate and keyword their content in order to sell more (calendars for contributors and keywording guides).


Key Facts for Depositphotos Contributors 

If you want to start earning with your photos, illustrations, videos, or music files, turn them into stock files and offer them to clients on our platform. There are nearly 30 million of them!

The key benefit of this strategy is as follows — some of your Depositphotos pictures and files can generate profit for months or even years. For this, they must follow trends or seasonal demand, and be supported with the right keywords. But first, you need to proceed with your contributor registration and pass the content quality check (exam).

Read our detailed Guide for Depositphotos Contributors to learn more! 

How to Become a Contributor in 3 Steps

Step 1. Sign up as a contributor

Professional and amateur photographers, videographers, designers, illustrators, and other digital artists are welcome to join the platform. Choose the author signup form and fill in basic (contact) information about yourself.

Become a contributor

Step 2. Submit files for review

In this step, we’ll ask you to share your work with us. Depositphotos quality standards include file formats and quality, as well as several limitations concerning topics. You’ll be provided with basic information on our rules before our brief examination test. Depositphotos reviews often take less than one day.

Step 3. Add more files to your portfolio

Once your test files are approved, you can start uploading more to your portfolio. Consider adding the right keywords to your files so that your images and content are discoverable on our website.

Then, start earning from your work! In 2022, earnings per image are $0.25—$33.82 and $3.83—$64.22 per video. On average, it takes around 6 months for dedicated contributors to reach a stable income.

All of the files you upload to your portfolio are checked by Depositphotos inspectors. Once your content passes inspection, it appears on the website and becomes available to buyers. You can track and withdraw your reward through your account. More information can be found here—Depositphotos Contributor Review 2022.

Depositphotos sign up form for contributors

The author registration form on Depositphotos


Depositphotos Blog

The Depositphotos blog is a free tool for marketers, business owners, and various creatives. It is designed to boost their professional knowledge and inspire them with new concepts and ideas.

The blog contains sections with new, original articles added several times per week. Articles are translated into English, Portuguese, and Ukrainian. Our blog sections:

Topics that are covered by Depositphotos: video marketing and modern advertising, photography and graphic design trends, how to get ready for a holiday season (if you are a brand or content creator), how to maintain an artistic portfolio, what tools to use for effective self-development and more! You can contribute to the blog by requesting our team to review your article ideas first

On the blog, you’ll also find collections of artistic Depositphotos vector images, photos, videos, and audio files often tailored to seasons or trends. Subscribe to the blog newsletter and receive important article updates monthly.

Depositphotos blog subscription

Find our newsletter subscription form at the bottom of any blog article


In Summary: Should I Become a Depositphotos Author or Client in 2022?

Depositphotos is the third biggest royalty-free content platform in the world (230 million files as of April 2022); it is one of the most affordable for users with prices starting at $0.22 per file and $12.99 for a monthly plan. In addition, it offers clients a first-class ecosystem for working on creative projects — with numerous free AI-powered tools to edit content.

Our team constantly works to make contributors satisfied too. We offer a blog and Knowledge Hub with dozens of tips on content creation and keywording, as well as strategies for promoting portfolios online. On a contributor’s page, one can track file downloads and revenue, and explore suggestions on what content to post next.

In 2022, we invite you to join the Depositphotos community as an author or client; explore the platform benefits catered to you.


FAQ about Depositphotos

How does Depositphotos work?

Depositphotos is an international platform for stock images, music, and video. It encourages content creators to share their work through portfolios, and then let clients purchase the content through various plans.

If you need royalty-free files for projects, register as a client, select a plan that matches your needs (content type, period, number of downloads, and license), and search for files. Then, you can start making Depositphotos downloads.

In order for authors to get revenue from their work, they need sign up as content contributors, pass a brief examination of their file samples, and add keyworded files to their portfolios.

Is Depositphotos free?

The idea behind the platform is to help creatives gain a source of income, and enable businesses around the world to come up with creative projects in a budget-friendly and time-effective way. Thus, to provide Depositphotos contributors with revenue, we can’t make Depositphotos free.

However, there are numerous creative tools in the Depositphotos ecosystem that are free: VistaCreate (Starter plan), Image Upscaler, Background Remover, Search by Image, and the Depositphotos blog.

There is also a Free Files section that allows users to download from a library of 69,000 photos, vectors, and video files. The library is updated weekly!

How do I search for images on Depositphotos?

Proceed with your Depositphotos login as a client. Go to the homepage, find the main search bar, select a content type, and start typing in your keywords. You can now view your results, orset filters and refresh search results.

You can also search for photos, vectors, and illustrations by image reference (same main bar), or use thematic collections (keyword navigation is available as well).

If you find an image that doesn’t completely match your requirements, select it and scroll down to see similar images, or images that belong to the same series or author. Need more tips? Explore our Ultimate Stock Image Search Guide.

How do I download Depositphotos content without watermarks? 

To get a Depositphotos license for image use or other royalty-free files without watermarks, purchase a Subscription or an On Demand plan. You can also opt for Free Files. In this case, file attribution is required. To download files, sign on to Depositphotos.

How can I upgrade my Depositphotos license?

If you plan to resell products designed using our stock content, distribute products for free, or print over 50,000 copies of it, you’ll need the Depositphotos Extended License instead of a Standard or Free File one. This type of license is available through On Demand plans for Extended License. Purchase an On Demand plan with Extended Licensing to use our content in any way you need.

How do I get free pictures from Depositphotos?

There is a Depositphotos Free Files section on our website. Any registered client can download a file from a 69,000+ image and video library to use for free with file attribution.

To use files without attribution, purchase a multi-content unlimited plan that covers downloads from a collection of 1.2M+ image and video files. Prices start from $4.99 per month.

How do I sell photos on Depositphotos?

Proceed with your Depositphotos contributor login, share your contact information, and file samples to pass a brief examination by our content inspectors. After that, add new keyworded files to your portfolio. As soon as any of your files are downloaded by customers, you’ll receive a reward and notification about it. Read more about contributor opportunities here — How to Sell More Stock Photos: 9 Things to Avoid for Better Results.

How much does it cost to buy photos from Depositphotos?

Depositphotos price per file differs depending on the content type and plan. The lowest price per item is available with a yearly Subscription. The more file downloads within your subscription, the more you save on each item. Prices start from $0.22 per file (a yearly Subscription on images with 750 downloads per month).

What is Depositphotos enterprise?

Our enterprise was founded in 2009. Today, it is one of the world’s leading platforms for stock images, music, and video with almost 30 million clients all over the globe.

Our library is the third largest, and the Depositphotos ecosystem for clients includes tools for smooth content search, creation, and adjustment; it also provides users with the ability to work collectively on team projects (see Enterprise solutions with custom Depositphotos pricing).

How do I get approved on Depositphotos?

To start maintaining your portfolio on our platform and gaining revenue, you need to create a contributor account and pass the Depositphotos review (by quality inspectors from Depositphotos).

Photo requirements include JPEG or JPG format with RGB color space, a minimum resolution of 3.8 MP (2400×1600 pixels), and a maximum of 50 MB for each file. Find other requirements here (select content type to see them).

Check our FAQ page on Depositphotos to get more details. 


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