Since the very beginning of the Russian invasion, which has already lasted for more than 50 days, Ukraine has shown the world what resilience and courage mean. From our defenders who heroically stand for the country to the thousands of civilians who volunteer, the entire nation has come together and is doing incredible things in the name of victory. To spread the word about Ukrainian bravery, the Office of the President of Ukraine and the government have launched a large-scale, thematic campaign.

You can find videos, posters, material for social media, and merch on the project website. Thematic boards with the “Ukraine = bravery” message are part of the campaign. Today, they can be seen in more than 15 countries, including the United States, Britain, Poland, Canada, and Germany.


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Open call from Banda Agency

Banda Agency encourages creators to dedicate their work to Ukrainian bravery and share it through all available channels. According to Banda representatives, Ukraine protects not only its freedom, but also values that are important for the whole world. And you can tell about Ukrainian courage in the language of your art. The agency also invites companies, media, museums, platforms, non-profit organizations, and those involved in culture and creativity to share information about the open call.

“It was important for us to find a message that would be as effective as possible now and in the future. What would resonate better, give strength and raise the fighting spirit? Undoubtedly, this is Ukrainian courage. Without it, there will be no freedom; there will be no our country… And today, Ukrainian courage is unprecedented—the courage of the military, the courage of ordinary people, and our cities. No country in the world is ready to go to war with Russia. And Ukraine is fighting and fighting successfully. Now the whole world admires Ukrainian courage—we must consolidate it and leave it to Ukraine forever. This is our DNA, our national resource. Now everyone knows that the courage is to be Ukraine, ”said Banda founder Pavel Vrzheshch.

#BRAVEUKRAINE Banda Agency encourages creatives to highlight Ukraine’s bravery in their works


How to join the #BRAVEUKRAINE campaign

Any creator can contribute to the campaign, regardless of the field in which you work. All formats of creativity are accepted: digital art, illustrations, video art, texts, posters, photos, music, dj-sets, painting, sculpture, performance, posts on social networks, and more. The main thing is to embody the idea of the courage of Ukrainians; mark your work with the hashtag #BRAVEUKRAINE and share it.

#BRAVEUKRAINE Banda Agency encourages creatives to highlight Ukraine’s bravery in their works_board


During the campaign, the jury will select 100 creative works that will become NFT and will be sold to help Ukrainians. After the victory, 27 selected artists will be able to witness and record the country’s recovery in each of its regions.

Join Open Call

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