Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, shocked the entire world. A month ago, many believed that a war like this was impossible in the 21st century. However, reality turned out to be different for Ukraine. It has already been 20 days since the beginning of the war. To support Ukraine, many countries worldwide are holding mass rallies to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and call for an end to the bloodshed.

We feature images of anti-war rallies from different corners of the world, and authors’ comments on what Ukraine and its people are experiencing now.

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Нью-Йорк, США, 24 лютого 2022 року

New York, USA

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Бангкок, Таїланд, 27 лютого 2022 року

Bangkok, Thailand

“One of my best friends lives in Kyiv. Instead of playing with two little daughters, he put on his uniform and took up arms to fight for his country. There are hundreds of thousands of people like him. People who have to fight or flee their homes. The murderous impulses of Putin, with the support of – unfortunately – a large part of the Russian nation, has led to the death of so many people, both soldiers and innocent civilians. Many families have separated, many children are exposed to trauma, and many human lives are ruined. Anyone with even a little empathy cannot remain indifferent to these events. Anyone who has any idea of ​​peace must be furious with the Russian murderers and condemn their actions.” – Konrad Zelazowski (fotokon)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Краків, Польща

Krakow, Poland

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Лос-Анджелес, США

Los Angeles, USA

“My hometown is Ukrainian Donetsk, which my family and I had to leave because of Russian aggression in 2014. There, I witnessed many military actions that changed me. And now, the aggression has spread all over Ukraine.

I am staying in the US and working as a commercial photographer. However, all my effort is directed at highlighting the protests in support of Ukraine now. As an American photojournalist and a Ukrainian citizen, I feel it is my duty to do everything possible to spread awareness and engage more people so that American political forces can hear them.” – Nick Starichenko (JANIFEST)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Гельсінкі, Фінляндія, 26 лютого 2022 року

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Гельсінкі, Фінляндія

Helsinki, Finland

“I am Ukrainian. My parents, relatives, and friends are now under fire in various cities of Ukraine. I live in Helsinki, Finland, and I do my best to support my country. I organize protests, volunteer, and document the rallies because I am a photographer.

This is Russia’s bloody war against my country. What their troops are doing – shelling residential neighborhoods with Grad rockets, bombing schools, kindergartens, clinics, killing our military and civilians – is a crime against humanity that can’t be excused. – Nadiia Fedorova (enadin)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Торонто, Канада, 27 лютого 2022 року

Toronto, Canada

Фото гравці ФК "Лаціо" із гаслом зупинити війну в Україні

Players of FC Lazio, Rome, Italy

“My soul aches for every child and adult who died in Ukraine. I can’t helplessly cry abroad, so I go out to protest, collect help from Americans to support Ukraine, and take photos, as this is my job.” – Hanna Tverdokhlib (hannatv)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Анталія, Туреччина, 24 лютого 2022 року

Antalya, Turkey

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Прага, Чехія

Prague, Czech Republic

“With my content, I want to highlight what is happening; to convey to the whole world that people of different nationalities support Ukraine. They oppose war, Russian aggression, and the invasion of a sovereign, democratic, and independent state. In my opinion, the war in Ukraine is real fascism on behalf of Russia.” – Alla Rudenko (Allchonok)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Рига, Латвія, 25 лютого 2022 року

Riga, Latvia

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Масса, Італія, 26 лютого 2022 року

Massa, Italy

“I am not in Ukraine now, but most of my relatives are there, and this is my homeland. I am very hurt by what is happening now. I take photos so that the whole world can see and understand that Ukraine is now defending its independence, territory, and all of Europe. It’s defending human rights and the rules of a civilized world from an aggressor country led by a psychopath, putin (I don’t capitalize his surname deliberately!). I want the whole world to know the truth about Russia’s atrocities and crimes against Ukraine, against the civilian population, innocent children, our military, the destruction of our infrastructure, the economy, and the occupation of our territories!” – Volodymyr Goryn (GorynVolodymyr)

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Стокгольм, Швеція

Stockholm, Sweden

Фото протест проти війни в Україні, Мадрид, Іспанія, 24 лютого 2022 року

Madrid, Spain

“The last few years have shown that war is not just about shootings. It is also about information. And I want people to know that Ukraine is supported by countries, including Poland, where I have lived for several years. In a sense, my photos are an attempt to be helpful.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for so long that I have already gotten used to it. It sounds awful, but it’s true. Now, of course, everything has changed. I am worried about my mother, about my friends in Dnipro and Kyiv. But at the same time, I hope that Ukraine will eventually win. ” – Oleg Tyuryakov (reuerendo)

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