Have you ever heard of the fear of big things? A fear of large objects is a popular phobia that is easy to diagnose. A typical megalophobia test includes a questionnaire and megalophobia pictures that depict large natural and artificial objects. The phobia can manifest itself in the form of sudden anxiety or intense fear when looking at large things.

So what is megalophobia? At Depositphotos, we let our photographers help you determine if massive objects are freaky triggers for you. We invite you to look at the phobia of big things in the eyes. The bottom line is – if some of these megalophobia images don’t scare you, the chances are that no other images will.

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Couple of travelers in colored raincoats on the background of a large waterfall

Travelers near the Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland


Fear of Big Things: What Is Megalophobia?

All sorts of phobias exist out there, but a famous one is megalophobia. What is megalophobia? In brief, it is the fear of large objects. It applies to things like large sculptures, towering buildings, and huge aquatic animals. The list goes on and on.

Even cool animal pictures can trigger anxiety: for example, if they are images of giant whales. And it’s not just animals that are bigger than you think that can make you afraid. The Fear of whales and elephants is referred to as a megalophobia species. Common types of megalophobia include the fear of large bodies of water, fear of mountains, fear of submerged objects of significant sizes, and even the fear of tall people.

Why are some people afraid of gigantic stuff? Medical professionals believe that megalophobia is not a standalone anxiety disorder. Typically, object sizes reinforce our existing fears. For example, the fear of man-made objects underwater will trigger a reaction if a person faces a giant submarine.

A Fear of big objects usually forms during childhood or teenage years, and is more typical for women than men. A common source of this fear is psychological trauma associated with a specific thing. For example, a fear of statues can arise after a traumatic childhood experience that occurred near a monument. Thus, an adult may not feel discomfort when examining ordinary park statues, but perceive the Statue of Liberty as something threatening.

A Fear of large things can disappear with age, and children are most prone to megalophobia. Phobia drawings can help most of them overcome their fears.

Megalophobia Nazare big wave stock photo

Watching big waves in Nazare, Portugal


Megalophobia Pictures & Videos to Test Your Fear of Big Things

Megalophobia is common among many people, but can be felt and experienced differently. For example, someone might just be afraid of large animals like elephants and whales, while others might be afraid of man-made objects specifically. Think Titanic here. Then close your eyes and imagine the Titanic-sized shark we mentioned before.
Imagine being in the dark waters with one.

Does that make you uncomfortable? What about standing at the foot of a sculpture so large that you can’t see where it is? What if a large building is towering over you with no clear end as to its width and height? Some say this fear is not grounded, but we’d beg to differ. Movies like Jaws and Anaconda use the phobia of large things to their advantage, and perhaps that’s precisely why we suffer from it. Who wants to enter the waters with a great white shark on steroids? Exactly.

In reality, you don’t need a megalophobia test to know if you have this phobia of large objects. Check out this long list of ‘larger than life’ images, and you’ll know right away.


Test your phobia of giant things – 22 things larger than life

1. What about the fear of things underwater? We’ll start with a classic!

megalophobia test, huge whale in the ocean stock photo

2. This scary dam can evoke a fear of large spaces

Megalophobia test, Enguri Dam, Tsalenjikha, Georgia stock image

3. This new bridge at Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam, Hands of God bridge, megalophobia photo

Megalophobia Test, The Golden Bridge, Ba Ha Hills, Vietnam

4. Fear of heights? Here’s an aerial view of a huge statue in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal huge statue, megalophobia test

5. This wave that looks straight out of Interstellar

Big stormy wave splash and spray, megalophobia pictures

6. How do you like these scary space pictures? Speaking of Interstellar…

7. And other things that actually exist in outer space 

floating rocks in the sky, megalophobia pictures and videos

8. And here’s another image that might trigger your fear of huge things. Floating open-air theatre stage with two gigantic hands playing cards

Megalophobia Test with Pictures & Videos of Big Things

9. You probably underestimate the size of the pyramids

megalophobia, Egypt Sphinx of Giza stock picture

10. And some ships can blow your mind, even if you have never experienced the fear of large objects in water before

Abandoned fishing boat, huge ship, megalophobia picture stock photography

11. We’ll continue with the fear of large objects in water. It seems like some people have no fears whatsoever!

fear of large objects in water, megalophobia

12. This is a Quetzalcoatlus northropi model next to a 1.8m man

Quetzalcoatlus northropi model next to a 1.8m man. The largest known flying animal to ever exist

13. Art can be terrifying too!

Opera RIGOLETTO by Giuseppe Verdi, scary picture, megalophobia

14. 80x80m flag for National Day? Chill Switzerland.

Swiss flag (80mx80m) on Mount Saentis, Switzerland, to celebrate the National Day

15. Let’s test your fear of big spaces! This dome puts things in perspective

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 2

16. Not sure what this is, but looks like the end of the world

Tsunami waves, fear of huge things, megalophobia

17. Statue of Unity legs in comparison to a human

Kevadia, Gujarat, Statue of Unity, fear of big things

18. If this makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally normal

Rear view of life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue display, scary things, megalophobia

19. What’s not normal is this thing that just swims around

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 8

20. A picture to remind us of how small we really are

Sequoias forest in summer season, megalophobia picture

Sequoia stock photo

21. Some have a fear of tall people. But what about imagining THIS in real life?

Megalophobia Test with Pictures & Videos of Big Things, gigantic horse statue

22. Test your fear of underwater objects. Whoever made this is evil

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 6


Are there any other HUGE things people are scared of?

It seems like we’ve seen it all now.

Whether you have a general fear of large things, fear of large statues, fear of tall people, or fear of large objects in water, or simply the fear of gigantic things – somehow you’re ironically attracted to them. Most likely, it’s because you’re looking at these images from the comfort of your home, where you’re safe and sound, and can reassure yourself that megalophobia for you is just a phobia that has no explanation. And that’s okay.

If you happen to find any megalophobia related stock images on Depositphotos, leave links in the comment section below! We want to add more odd things to our list. Some of the scariest pictures ever recorded can also be found in a special collection that our team has put together.

See megalophobia collection

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