Last week we looked at some unusual things caught on camera, but it felt unfinished. What led us to the discovery of megalophobia was this – a cruise ship so big that it serves as a trigger for some cases of this particular phobia. We’re decided to explore things larger than life that were caught on camera, so people with megalophobia – be careful or sit this one out.

My search has taken me to the dark corners of Reddit and other platforms that take the word megalophobia (and images of it) very seriously. We’ll not only go on a trip to attempt to explain what megalophobia is, but explore photographs of actual locations, things, animals and even digital art that is going to strike a chord with you.

As you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that megalophobia is all about the fear of large things or objects. Perhaps you’re simply wondering if you yourself have fallen in this mysterious mind game that gives you shivers when you think of a shark the size of Titanic somewhere in the shark-infested Atlantic waters. If this thought gave you goosebumps, remember to proceed this article with caution.

These images may or may not resonate with you (how do you even know if you have megalophobia?). Just know that the fear of things larger than life exists and is true for many, so by scrolling the images to come, you’re signing up for a rollercoaster ride. The bottom line is – if some of these megalophobia-inducing images don’t scare you, chances are that no other images will.

Megalophobia or the fear of large objects

All sorts of phobias exist out there, but quite a famous one is megalophobia, which is the fear of large objects. This applies to things like large sculptures, towering buildings, huge aquatic animals. The list goes on and on.

It’s interesting that the fear can be common among many people but be felt and experienced differently. For example, someone might just be afraid of large animals like elephants and whales, while others might be afraid of man-made objects specifically. Think Titanic here. Then close your eyes and imagine the Titanic-sized shark we mentioned before.

Imagine being in the dark waters with one.

Does that make you uncomfortable? What about standing at the foot of a sculpture so large that you can’t see where it is? What if a large building is towering over you with no clear end as to its width and height? Some say this fear is not grounded but I’d beg to differ. Movies like Jaws and Anaconda really exploit this kind of fear and perhaps that’s exactly why megalophobia (to some extent) is something we all partially suffer from. Who wants to enter the waters with a great white shark on steroids? Exactly.

In reality, you don’t need a megalophobia test to know if you have this phobia of large objects and things. Check out this long list of ‘larger than life’ images, and you’ll know right away.

Let’s get to the good stuff – 22 things larger than life

1. We start with the classic

things larger than life

2. This scary dam

enormous dam

3. This new bridge at Ba Na Hills



4. Fear of heights? Pair it with this clock tower and a daredevil

abraj al bait clock tower

5. This wave that looks straight out of Interstellar

6. Speaking of Interstellar…

7. And other things that actually exist in outer space in comparison to LA


8. A mountain made of actual salt

Giant pile of salt in Germany (Monte Kali)

9. You probably underestimate the size of the pyramids

Insane perspective on just how immense The Great Pyramid of Giza is

10. And some ships can blow your mind

some of the biggest ships

11. Some just have no fear whatsoever

pictures of things larger than life

12. This is a Quetzalcoatlus northropi model next to a 1.8m man

Quetzalcoatlus northropi model next to a 1.8m man. The largest known flying animal to ever exist

13. Art can be terrifying too!

sculpture by lou rouge

14. 80x80m flag for National Day? Chill Switzerland.

Swiss flag (80mx80m) on Mount Saentis, Switzerland, to celebrate the National Day

15. This dome puts things in perspective

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 2

16. Not sure what this is, but looks like the end of the world

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 3

17. Wind turbine in comparison to a human

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 4

18. If this makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally normal

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 5

19. What’s not normal is this thing that just swims around

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 8

20. A picture to remind us of how small we really are

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 7

21. Imagine this IRL

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life

22. Whoever made this is evil

Tiny Humans, Big World X Pictures of Things Larger Than Life 6

Seems like we’ve seen it all now.

Whether you have the general fear of large things, fear of large objects, fear of large statues, fear of tall things, fear of large animals, fear of large objects in water (a very common one by the way), or simply the fear of gigantic things – somehow you’re ironically also drawn to them. Most likely it’s because you’re looking at these images from the comfort of your home, where you’re safe and sound, and can reassure yourself that megalophobia for you is just a phobia that has no explanation. And that’s okay.

If you happen to find any megalophobia related stock images on Depositphotos, leave links in the comments section below! We want to add more odd things to our list.

If you’re interested in less stress-inducing images, check out some of the other photo collections from Depositphotos.

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