Here’s a belated report on the 2022 spring color trends from Depositphotos. For the last couple of weeks – as you might already know – our Ukrainian-based team was focused on spreading the truth about the war, suspending our business in Russia and Belarus, and making sure everyone was safe and sound. We thought it was inappropriate and untimely to share our research on trending shades until we realized that the colors we had chosen in early February were Lavender, Deep Carrot, Mellow Yellow, and Azure! The last two match the Ukrainian flag and appear even more relevant now, symbolizing the fight for freedom and justice. Lavender and Deep Carrot fit well, too, as they translate devotion and optimism.

In addition to the trending colors, we have put together thematic visual collections, palettes, and advice on how you can make a difference with your projects this spring. Each of us has the power to!


2022 spring color trends

Our team researched numerous sources and analyzed the Depositphotos content library with over 230 million stock files to deliver this seasonal report. We explored Pantone publications, browsed WGSN, the Depositphotos Creative Trends Guide for 2022, and studied the works of leading designers, photographers, and other content creators. Finally, we singled out four main colors of this spring, which includes:

  • Lavender
  • Azure
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Deep Carrot 


Why choose these colors for your projects

Lavender (#E1C7EB)

Spring is always like a breath of fresh air. Content creators look for new ideas and feel motivated to experiment with color solutions – nature is awakening, so is inspiration. Delicate purple shades symbolize devotion, kindness, femininity, and spring, making your thematic projects look refined. Moreover, Lavender perfectly matches Mellow Yellow – one more trending color in this report.

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Azure (#4991FF)

Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression, many brands have showcased their solidarity with Ukraine, and Pantone was one of them. On their Instagram, they shared a post introducing two colors – Freedom Blue and Energizing Yellow. Blue became a symbol of the Ukrainian fight for freedom, which traditionally stood for peace, loyalty, responsibility, and trust. This spring, combining shades of blue with yellow in your projects is not only a trending solution, but also a powerful stance that condemns the bloody war still happening in Ukraine.

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Mellow Yellow (#FFD874)

World events in 2022 urged many to reflect on their values and share their voice with others. Whether creating social media material, website designs, or motion graphics, a warm shade of yellow will be a go-to solution this spring. Translating enthusiasm, vitality, and emotional strength, Mellow Yellow combined with Lavender, Azure, or Deep Carrot will help you create designs that quickly catch the eye.

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Deep Carrot  (#FA8A2D)

Deep carrot is another vibrant color to add to your marketing material in the following months. Audiences are determined to act decisively in their leisure, work, and other spheres of life this spring and holiday season. Designers will turn to orange hues more often to evoke feelings of optimism, adventure, and friendliness with their projects.

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Spring color palettes that inspire powerful design

stock image lavender flowers

Old Woman standing in fashionable closes indoor - stock image


Tokyo buildings and dusk sky stock image





stock photo young man holding a basket ball jumping









A collection of mockups in trending shades

If you’re looking for quick solutions, our talented content curators have put together a special collection of ready-to-use mockups. They include a variety of designs that look up-to-date and allow you to save time for more creative tasks.

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ready-to-use stock mockups for spring projects

inspiring, royalty-free mockups for designers

spring mockups for designers, royalty-free


Wrapping Up

Based on current world events, brands and content creators have the opportunity to highlight their values and brand position this spring. Trending colors such as Azure and Mellow Yellow can also be used in reference to the coming summer, or combined with Deep Carrot and Lavender to express positive thinking and grace.

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