Searching for Easter picture ideas? Explore dozens of them in this article! Recent visual trends, time-tested concepts, best outfits for the late-spring season, and many more—scroll down for our comprehensive Easter photoshoot ideas guide for stock photographers, beginners, or those working directly with clients.

In 2023, Easter is celebrated on April 9 and April 16 (Orthodox). Now is the best time to get equipped with fresh Easter photo ideas, and recollect symbols and colors of the holiday.

Together with our content curators and contributors, we tried to reimagine some popular Easter pictures ideas and come up with new ones—all to make your portfolio stand out this holiday season.


Easter Picture Ideas for Families

Easter is a family holiday. It is widely associated with family feasts, short vacation trips, as well as annual family photoshoots.

Traditional Easter picture ideas include classic family portraits with everyone standing in front of the camera. And if you don’t want your images to look just like the year before, here are some cute Easter picture ideas:

  • Family dress code

Make sure your relatives dress in a cohesive style (boho and cottagecore work best for Easter), or at least agree on the same outfit color choice. Avoid logos and big letters on your clothes.

mom and daughter easter picture ideas

  • Paint eggs or cook meals together

The best Easter picture ideas for families are storytelling ones. Cook Easter meals together, decorate your home with Easter attributes, play outdoor games, or get ready for a big family picnic. By completing common Easter activities, everyone in your frame will appear more natural and relaxed.

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Easter pictures ideas for families

  • Family feast

Your Easter photoshoot can include a central part of the celebration—a moment in which all relatives gather around the table for a family feast. All you need to do is to take a camera with you and hunt for candid moments.

outdoor easter picture ideas


Baby’s First Easter Picture Ideas

The most popular Easter photo shoot ideas have to do with newborns. This is not accidental, as the holiday itself is associated with spring, new life, and hope. But what can one add to this concept in 2022? Here are Baby’s first Easter picture ideas from Depositphotos:

  • Little bunny sleeping

Baby girl photoshoot ideas often include pink-colored Easter attributes, while baby boy shoots often include blue accents. You can either follow or challenge this stereotype by choosing a bunny costume for your newborn. And don’t forget about the carrots!

newborn easter picture ideas

  • Baby in a nest

Is there anything sweeter than a baby sleeping in a bird’s nest lined with soft snow-white fluff? You can go further with these Easter baby boy photoshoot ideas and add specifically crafted accessories to your composition. For example, something connected with your family story.

Easter baby boy photoshoot ideas

  • Easter basket with a baby inside

Almost all cute Easter photo ideas are built on modern holiday aesthetics. Here, a newborn is presented as a precious and blessed gift. A baby could lay in a holiday basket full of holiday delights (eggs, cupcakes, and chocolate bunnies).

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baby girl easter picture ideas


Toddler Easter Picture Ideas

Although most toddlers can speak a bit and understand what a photographer is asking of them, they’ll need your support to nail toddler Easter picture ideas. And yes, toddlers are bad at faking emotions.

  • Toddlers meeting animals (bunnies, ducks, and lambs)

Toddler Easter photoshoot ideas are often focused on capturing sincere emotions. Most images of children at this early age are already heartwarming and cute. However, you can introduce pets and domestic animals that are symbols of Easter in your images. Make sure the kids are not scared of them and know how to act!

toddler Easter picture ideas

  • Posing in ‘adult’ costumes

In your frame, a toddler could appear as a British dandy at a picnic (Easter photoshoot ideas for boys), or a beautiful fairytale princess walking through the forest (for girls). If you need to shoot a couple of kids, think of their group or couple look too.

toddler Easter photoshoot ideas

  • Egg hunt and toddler communication

It’s fun to observe toddler conversations, which are often based on sounds, simple words, and facial emotions. Consider Easter pictures ideas based on reportage shoots—let kids hunt for painted eggs. Be attentive and just document what you see.

mom and daughter easter picture ideas


Outdoor Easter Photoshoot Ideas

Opt for outside Easter picture ideas if you want to practice with natural, spring-time lighting, and capture the blooming season at its very beginning. This approach requires some preparation: you need to think ahead about outfits, whether they match the natural background, as well as about the location in general. Our suggestions are as follows:

  • Flower gardens and rustic aesthetics

All outdoor easter photoshoot ideas are about nature. And late-spring photoshoots also have their rules. Consider that your models have to wear something that contrasts with green and other spring-time outdoor colors.

To make your shooting spaced more manageable and flexible, work in a private garden you know well. Think of flowery corners, benches, or country house porches as possible shooting locations.

outside Easter picture ideas for kids

  • Easter morning city

Easter bunny photoshoot ideas and egg hunts are the starting points of your creative experiments. And what about trying your hand at natural morning lighting. Invite a family or a group of friends to an early morning photoshoot. Capture them enjoying the day together.

easter photoshoot ideas for adults

  • Flower crowns and a green field

Flowers like tulips, magnolias, peonies, and Virginia bluebells are symbols of April; you can use them to make your outdoor photoshoot colorful and authentic. Go to a field and pick some flowers to create a flower crown or decorate your hair. Shoot the entire process on your camera.

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cute Easter photo ideas


Indoor Easter Photoshoot Ideas

Do you have a studio or a DIY shooting corner at home? Were you invited to conduct a small ‘at home’ Easter photoshoot for your friends? Let us help you with preparations! First, you need to think about the shortage of space.

Studios are best for portraits and still-life photography. That’s why it’s a good idea to have Easter attributes and thematic backgrounds, as well as a clear vision of poses that will work in this setting.

  • Classic family composition

There are several traditional group photography poses that allow you to capture a large number of people (for example, family members).

For indoor Easter photoshoot ideas with large groups of relatives, use asymmetrical compositions. If there is a bright holiday attribute in the frame (for example, an Easter basket), use the Golden Ratio rule.

indoor Easter photoshoot ideas for mom and daughter

  • Symbols of your family and friendship

Take classic Easter photo ideas to a more personal level by using attributes that tell us something about the group you are shooting.

For example, a child could hold a toy that belonged to his great-grandmother. If you’re photographing a family in their home, ask them to choose a location that means something to them (like a living room that has hosted guests for decades).

at home Easter photoshoot for adults

  • Make everyone laugh

Emotional photos are always a winning bet. But how can you help non-professional models relax in the frame? Ask them to indulge a bit—make a funny face or pretend to be each other.

mom and daughter Easter photo ideas


Want more? Discover a curated collection of Easter photos

Easter-themed visuals are the kind of seasonal content that many companies and designers need. Therefore, from year to year, Depositphotos curators update collections of photos, vectors, and videos on this topic.

Browse the collections offered below to find images of unexpected DIY Easter photoshoot ideas by our authors, as well as images created in professional studios using lighting equipment and special Easter photo backdrops.


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What are traditional Easter colors?

The Easter color palette is often associated with natural late-spring colors: green, yellow, pink, and blue (photographers often pick bright color schemes).

Some Easter photoshoot ideas for kids leverage pastel colors, while others prefer neutral background colors and coral to emphasize the main subject. In Orthodox tradition, they consider gold, white, and red to be Easter colors.

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easter photo prop ideas

What Easter colors should I wear?

When it comes to family Easter photoshoot ideas, models need to think as a group—their outfits should match. If you shoot against a natural background (green), opt for contrast colors like red, yellow, or white.

The rule of the thumb is to avoid patterns, big letters, and logos on outfits. Second, select clothes in complementary colors or in different shades of the same color.

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easter dress up ideas

What should I wear for family Easter pictures?

In terms of Easter photoshoot ideas for adults, think of styles such as cottagecore (Photos in Cottagecore Aesthetics to Appeal to Gen Z), Bohemian (boho), and casual.

Where can I get Easter bunny pictures?

Use the Depositphotos library as a source of inspiration and references. You can enter type keywords such as ‘Easter bunny’ or ‘Easter photo props’ in the main search bar and enjoy the results of our AI-powered search, or explore our main Easter-themed collection.

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