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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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10 TED Talks on Photography and Creativity

TED has been hosting series of conferences for a few decades now. It’s a wonderful occasion to share inspirational and groundbreaking ideas with the rest of the world. The topics of discussion are about technology, design, art, and photography isn’t an exception.

15 Awesome Gifts for Photographers

One thing that is true for all photographers, is that you never have to wreck your brain to come up with great gift ideas. Photographers will find a use for anything, especially if it’s photography related.

Discovering Remote Parts of Ukraine with Project Ukraїner

Photography, writing and word of mouth have the potential to spread a powerful message for the rest of the world. One ambitious project that is living up to its potential is project Ukraїner. It was originally started by Bogdan Logvinenko and the scale and impact it is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure, the untold stories of remote parts of Ukraine are ready to be heard.

5 Things Photographers Can Learn From Famous Film Directors

We devour films at incredible speeds, rarely stopping to take in the hidden meanings behind the frames. For every photographer, this is a missed opportunity. Today we take apart frames from movies of some of the world’s most notable film directors to uncover hidden lessons in photography.