Every year Depositphotos puts together a Visual Trends Report with an outlook on what will be trendy in the upcoming year. In 2020, we singled out 10 leading trends for the main fields in visual communication such as design, advertising, photography, and marketing. The trends were determined by social movements, cultural tendencies, as well as anniversaries and events that will take place in the following months.

The tagline of the report is “Think ahead”, highlights the futuristic mood of the trends that will shape the creative industry in 2020. Among the most striking and elaborate trends is Neon Dystopia. It is tightly bound to the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 game on September 17 and will spread far beyond the digital realm, influencing artists and designers around the world. 

To guide you through the Neon Dystopia trend and its aesthetic, we’ve designed 15 cyberpunk color palettes that will help you create trendy projects inspired by a utopian world in 2020. 


About the cyberpunk aesthetic and its implications

In brief, cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that captures a utopian world where society is dominated by technology. It depicts the underground life of the electronic-lead society. Not surprisingly, it is mostly associated with video games, PCs, gaming consoles, and arcade machines. 

According to the book “Cyberpunk and Visual Culture”, the cyberpunk aesthetic is determined by three markers:

  • shape – geometrical in particular.
  • color – vibrant neon lights, more often red and blue.
  • space – dark, underground but real-world environments.

This is a genre that has fueled the imagination of many in an attempt to create futuristic designs. Considering this information and using our cyberpunk color palettes, you will stand out from dozens of minimalistic designs and be in trend in 2020. 


Cyberpunk color palettes for dystopian (or utopian) projects

neon geometrical shapes

dystopian landscape

dystopian city

neon sun and cloud

artificial intellegence

planets and geometrical shapes

cyberpunk female character

Cyberpunk color palette

cyberpunk reality illustration

font in cyberpunk aesthetic

cyberpunk girl eating sushi

technology taking over humans

sunset in cyberpunk city

artificial intelligence robot

man in VR glasses

Keep these cyberpunk color palettes at hand and resort to them every time you feel like creating bold and trendy designs. Don’t limit yourself to red and blue colors and feel free to experiment with the inspiring cyberpunk aesthetic based on movies, literature, and even the upcoming video game. Perhaps, you might come up with your interpretation of the genre’s stylistic that will bring new energy to the aesthetic that was established 30 years ago. 

For more information about cyberpunk, check out the book “Cyberpunk and Visual Culture” by Graham Murphy and Lars Schmeink. 

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