There are things that fuel our creativity like trend awareness, ingenious works by artists, and a deep understanding of cultural contexts.

There are also things that affect our motivation and inhibit creative impulses. For example, impostor syndrome, the fear of missing out (FOMO), or perfectionism.

At Depositphotos, we know firsthand what challenges designers, photographers, SMM specialists, marketers, and other creative industry specialists face. Our new YouTube channel “Creativity: Inside & Out” is our message of love and support to each one of you!

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“Creativity: Inside & Out” on YouTube—Why to subscribe 

Year after year, Depositphotos brings you trend reports on visual culture, communication, design, and creativity. Until now, they have taken the form of infographics (like Graphic Design Trends 2022) or interactive websites (like 8 Creative Trends for 2022).

In 2022, it is our mission to support creatives worldwide to the next level and launch a YouTube channel. Our short, informative, yet dynamic videos will help you navigate the latest trends, challenge FOMO and impostor syndrome, and generate ideas.

“Creativity. Inside & Out” is an ultimate time-saver for creatives focused on edutainment video content at the edge of visual communications, marketing, and culture.

Enjoy our first videos and subscribe to our channel to not miss out on future episodes.

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“Memes: Stupid or Genious?”—Check out our very first episode

Memes rule the world, agreed? If not, that’s at least one good reason to check out our premier series on the “Creativity. Inside & Out” channel.

You’ll explore why some memes have higher reach than commercials with astronomic budgets, and if firms can leverage them to increase client loyalty and brand awareness.

“Memes: Stupid or Genious?” includes expert opinions, modern marketing cases, tips and anti-tips on using memes for brands, as well as a list of Instagram accounts for meme tracking. And when you are done with the episode, don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” button to not miss any upcoming videos.

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Feel like trying your hand at meme generation? Here’s one more piece of news for you. Memomet is a free tool for quick meme creation developed by a speaker from our recent video.

The idea behind Memomet is to help Ukrainians overcome stress and frustration with humor, however, you can also practice your creative skills and support Ukrainians by using the tool right away. 

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