There are no borders for anything: even football under water is possible. – Andrii Iurlov

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Andrii Iurlov is a young – but really successful for his age – Ukrainian photographer. Photography has been his passion since primary school. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Yuri had to set his camera aside for a few years. But then his love of photography prevailed, and now it’s his profession. At the moment he is a member of both the International Sport Press Association and the Czech Federation of Art Photography. Yuri has worked with Depositphotos since 2011, and is already a Bronze-level image distributor. He is also well known as yuran78. At the moment his portfolio includes more than seven thousand photographs, and he keeps refreshing it all the time. In this interview Yuri talks about his work, his dreams and gives a little advice, which will be useful not only for photographers, but for everyone who feels even a bit creative.

Football goalman on the stadium field © Depositphotos

Football goalman on the stadium field © Depositphotos | Andrii IURLOV 

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Depositphotos’ weekly Review

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Top 15 searched Keywords of the Week:

Model, Clipart, Background, Family, Wedding, Business, Vintage, Upskirt, Logo, Girl, Baby, Beach, Summer, Fashion, Flower.

Best seller of the Week:

Paper family in hands © Depositphotos

Paper family in hands © Depositphotos | oly5

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Surf’s up! Wavebreak Media just entered our pipeline!

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Depositphotos now proudly presents a collection of over 22,000 of the best images by Wavebreak Media. Among them you will find photos about business, family, lifestyle, medicine, studying, and lots more.

Group of people Graduating from College © Depositphotos

Group of people Graduating from College © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

At the moment, Wavebreak Media is one of the leading distributors of visual content not only in its Irish homeland, but all over the world. Its main principle: never compromise the quality of photos and video.

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