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Background, Business, Vintage, Family, Wedding, Beach, Flower, Girl, Logo, Car, Music, Clipart, Kids, Fitness, Water.

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Seamless floral background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos

Seamless floral background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | Alena Ryabchenko

Start your virtual trip! Destination – Germany

Virtual travel is what can make you feel excited 24/7. You can visit any country you want without leaving your desk or workplace. Start your journey into imagination with Depositphotos’ new lightbox dedicated to Germany!

The Brandenburg Gate at dawn | Stock Photo © Depositphotos

The Brandenburg Gate at dawn | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Jens Ickler

The love of learning that leads to new discoveries: a story of Pics4ads

Pics4ads is a self-taught photographer, artist and graphic designer from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Images illustrating Spa and Health themes are her hobby, and she’s made a great career from them. She has a lot of experience creating custom business cards, flyers, promotional rack cards, binders, greeting cards and even iPhone and iPad cases. Not so long ago, she started combining photography and design elements to expand her options – and she has succeeded at it. Pics4ads has sold over 700 files through Depositphotos, and many of them will look familiar to you, because her work is extremely popular among designers and advertisers.

We asked Pics4ads to share some of her experiences with us. She told Depositphotos a lot about her work, her feelings about “grab these images for free” sites, her favorite lovely poppies and a lot more.

Skin care cosmetics or toiletries | Stock Photo © Depositphotos

Skin care cosmetics or toiletries | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Pics4ads 

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