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The microstock agency Depositphotos has updated its Affiliate Program. Now, all links from a registered social network user directly to automatically take part in the Affiliate program. The process of sharing has been updated: major social network buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ appear on the “Bookmarking and Sharing Services” block of every single-image page, and links from these social networks are tracked by Pinterest. Every time a you as a registered user click on one of these social media buttons, and share that Depositphotos image, he can earn money.

To become a participant in the Affiliate Program, you need to be registered at Depositphotos’ website as either a buyer or a seller. The difference between registering as a buyer or as a seller affects how you withdraw funds and how you can use the money you earn:

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Background, Business, Girl, Flower, Clipart, Family, Logo, Vintage, Woman, Wedding, Baby, Tree, Beach, Fitness, Water.

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Dark Concrete Texture | Stock Photo © Depositphotos

Dark Concrete Texture | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Digifuture

Olympic-quality images for top-rated projects!

London Olympics Games 2012 background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos

London Olympics Games 2012 background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | cienpies

From 776 BC until the present, the Olympic Games have been deemed the most prestigious sporting event in the whole world. Initially, the Games were not just a competition, but also an important religious ritual, dedicated to Zeus, the supreme Greek god.

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