There’s a common problem with large format prints — you select a photo, scale it, and send it off to print only to find it slightly pixelated for some reason. More often than not, the resolution of a photo doesn’t accommodate for the technicalities of printing in a very large format.

In light of this, we’re introducing a brand new size option for photos – the SUPER size. You might have noticed that when click on a photo on the Depositphotos website, there’s the new size option available for download.


SUPER size photos are twice as long and wide as the XL photo options. When you download a SUPER size photo, it is 2 times the size of the biggest format previously available. For example, if an XL photo is 3000×2000 pixels, the SUPER size will be 6000×4000 pixels with the standard 300dpi.

What this means is that you can make the most of a very high resolution file for print and web without losing quality when scaling. We’ll keep you up to speed on the perks of this update, and cover all the basics about general photo sizes and their uses.

Go SUPER size and keep the original file quality

We’re using a new ML-process to re-scale original photos to offer an even larger format option. This feature gives you more flexibility when working with large format prints, large scale photos and backgrounds to fit any screen.

Another big advantage of having a larger, high quality photo, is that you have the option to crop it for different purposes without losing quality. Cropping a SUPER sized photo gives you more options to repurpose and re-use the same visual, or work with separate parts of the photo in high quality.

Availability of SUPER size

The SUPER size option will be available for all photos and editorial files. SUPER size will not be available for vectors or free files. However, when free files get updated, the photos that are no longer in the “Free files” section will have the SUPER size option.

Image size options on Depositphotos

Uses of Small sized photos



The Small file sizes available on Depositphotos are ideal for small print media and email attachments. They’re suitable for website layouts as well if you need to include a smaller photo. Generally, scaling them is not advisable as you will lose some of the photo quality, given that the smaller files are 72dpi.


Uses of Medium sized photos



Mid sized photos are considered quite versatile, as they can be used for website spreads and print. Photos that are 300dpi are also large enough for presentations, blog posts, and social media. However, using them for bigger screens and as backgrounds might result in a loss of resolution.



Uses of Large and Extra Large sized photos



The Large and Extra Large options work for any type of project for both print and web, posters, full-screen spreads, art prints, magazine and brochure prints. Both these formats are suitable for print applications, however, large-format prints would benefit from photos with more pixels.



Uses of SUPER sized photos



An ML algorithm is used to scale SUPER sized photos, offering a format that is 2 times the size of the XL files. SUPER sized photos are ideal for large format prints, and large scale photos for all types of digital use.




Next time you’re downloading visuals, give SUPER size a try! Enjoy even more possibilities when repurposing photos for projects of any scale.

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