Édouard Manet would have never become a renowned artist if he hadn’t displayed his scandalous “Olympia” at the Paris Salon; Van Gogh’s works were noticed posthumously only after they got into “the right hands” and were exposed at the exhibitions in Paris and Brussels.

Get noticed or vanish trying

Whether you work for a creative agency or you’re a member of a creative community, the above-mentioned fact should give you some food for thought. The internet jungles offer a handful of tools and platforms to gain a decent online exposure, spread the word about your company and connect with potential clients if need be.

A glance at Behance

One of the most favored platforms among creative agencies is Behance. It is an ultimate online network allowing communities of people working in the creative industry to effectively communicate their style and projects to their potential customers. Spread the word on Behance, and you take networking to a whole new level.

Amongst the many creatives, there are also agencies showcasing their works on Behance. Together they create a valuable source of inspiration for those who are continually searching for new ways to stay ahead of the trends.

We’ll take you on a quest for new ideas and emerging trends by looking at the top 10 creative agencies on Behance. Their projects feature top-notch brand identity portfolios, marketing solutiones, and even sales challenges. 

Top 10 creative agencies on Behance:

Branding Masters

The first creative agency that comes into our radar is Branding Masters a UAE-based agency with over 9 million views. It features the works of 69 creative individuals – designers, and photographers from all over the globe. They keep the main focus on visual communication, packaging, and logo designs.

Let’s take a look at one of their works, OLI Branding & Package Design. The Moscow-based designer created a fairly basic and minimalistic brand identity for skin care cosmetics which effectively conveys the main concept of the brand: nature-inspired, and elegant design which comes in different pastel colors.


Another work featured by Branding masters is by Ryan Miglinczy for Roxy Cinemas.

Based on the extensive market research, they come up with a new visual brand strategy to incorporate the idea of cinema-going into a cultural context and add more social value to the process that clients normally view as a type of leisure time.


Design Served

A UK-based a community of creative talents working together on various graphic design, illustration and branding projects.

They created interactive and eye-catching web design and creative assets that feature unique typography for Terra Australis Incognita project which aims at preserving the Antarctic continent for continuous scientific research ensured by the Antarctic Treaty. The letterforms, width, heights actively change as you apply the variables for temperature across Antarctica, the season of the year and the wind speed.

Design Served also created a bold brand identity for Geek palace products. They crafted a persuasive communication message with sci-fi inspired icons which cohesively fit the main concept of the products. Light blue and white dropout gives a soothing effect and helps focus on the main element of the band identity geek imagery.



This agency is located in San Francisco. It focuses mainly on web and mobile product design and is partnered with lots of media, web, and e-commerce heavyweights such as Netflix, Salesforce, Adobe, Opera. etc.

The showcase of Shopin blockchain, and AI-driven startup company — reflects how establishing a clear brand identity could contribute to raising capital for emerging businesses. This approach eventually helped raise more funds than were initially planned.

Ramotion played around the business name and came up with the idea of creating a dynamic logo based on the initial letter “S” which represents user on one hand and retailer on the other. The web design color palette is dominated by light blue and white color.


According to Joe’s Hallock color studies, blue paired with white conveys trust and security. They applied this principle into a visual identity for a cryptocurrency product brand MithrilX. The name and the choice of color were inspired by the rare fictional metal from the Tolkien’s world which highlights its uniqueness and nobility.


One Design

One Design is a British creative agency specializing in branding and print design.

One of their works is HoloForge Interactive, a AR-powered service that helps B2B clients to showcase their products through AR technologies. For HoloForge, One Design crafted a catchy logo that represents “H” and “F” letters overlapping and creating a masterful 3D optical illusion. Enhanced by the contrasting orange and red, this logo design eventually communicates the idea of the augmented reality.


At first glance, another one of their projects, a minimalist Blowhammer logo seems to be designed for conveying simplicity and sophistication. However, as we observe the animation, the logo reminds one of a famous Fuck W*r protest poster and the whole concept is intertwining with rebellion. This perfectly communicates the main idea of the Italian fashion brand for freedom lovers.

Top 10 Creative Agencies on Behance — One Design Creative Agency(Blowhammer)


Another creative agency located in Poland is definitley worth keeping an eye on.

Here is one of their works. The goal was to precisely communicate the idea of a human-scale woodworking uniqueness. The cover of the catalog is crowned with a masterfully crafted chair placed over muted background colors, which creates an impression of a museum exhibit. To some extent, this adds uniqueness to the wood crafting products by Mimosa.


For Cadencia House assets design, they played with a mix of сolors located on opposite sides of the color wheelcoral dark and violet creating a lively contrast. Mixed with zebra print shadows, it produces the ultimate 3D effect.


Belarus. The Best

Located in Minsk, Belarus, the agency claims to have gatheredthe talents from all over Belarus under one roof.

For a German coffee brand Gutt, designers reflected the evolution of the product through packaging design modification. The use of sophisticated Klimt-inspired colors created elegant aesthetics, placed in line with the values of the updated price and product segmentation.


The main goal for the confectionary products brand Millenium was finding the right tools to reach a new hedonism-seeking audience. The focus of the modern audience keeps shifting towards stripping the lifestyle from excessive consumerism. The choice of minimalist design and the use of vibrant colorsecreated a mouthwatering effect which is ideal for targeting their specific demographic segment.


Marka Network

Marka Network creative agency is located in Istanbul. It introduces a team of professionals that provide brand building, and brand developing strategies.

Keeping up with the modern trends of logo crafting, Marka Network created an easily identifiable and simple logotype for Planty dairy products. They stripped the design of visual noise using soothing colors that effectively convey the message of the organic product.


The combination of brown and vibrant orange worked like magic for Chokkie chocolate brand. The color palette used for the project together with a playful pattern beautifully captures the origins of the brand. 


Logo Design International Team

The creative agency displays masterful logo designs by artists from all over the world. Many have gathered thousands and thousands of viewson Behance. 

When it comes to creating a unique brand identity for academic intellectuals, it is important to stick to the established approaches which should eventually generate the feeling of trust and respect. A designer applied royal blue and rose gold and paired it with heraldic-based logo design and flawlessly met the challenge for Alyssa Baxter brand identity.


The logo elements of Mazzini pub, another client of Logo Design International Team, re-trace its location on the map. A designer succeeded in putting some storytelling behind the brand identity and endowed it with a special local charm. The tile-like  logo is repeated in a way that creates a sophisticated geometric design that can easily be repurposed or scaled for any purpose


Behance Brazil

Located in Brazil, this agency provides branding, art direction, and graphic design services for a wide variety of clients and businesses.

For Lumière, they created vivid design assets dominated by black color and a vintage floral pattern. Together with the elegant hand-lettering, it harmoniously fits the name of the coffee brand and speaks directly to the audience that views drinking coffee as a sacred ritual.


Creating the brand identity for Bazzi, Behance Brazil agency approached the design challenges very intuitively. They used a blue backdrop to convey the trustworthiness of the company along with the dynamic geometric shape that reaches emerging demographic segment passionate about  technology.



When opening up their portfolio, the first highlight that strikes the most is the number of project views (over 36 million) featuring the works of 28 designers living in different countries. The community provides global-scale branding services.

One of their customers is Doggoh (menswear fashion). The color scheme and the design assets used by the team don’t create a distracting effect. The design focuses on the basics: the quality and authenticity of the Spain-born clothing brand.


Creating the brand identity for Seishe, The BRANDEST agency managed to follow the most recent trends in design. Living Coral is largely popular across different social media platforms and, at the same time, can be easily found in nature which clearly correlates a concept of organic cosmetics. Behind the anatomy of the typography-based Seishe’s logo stands a fairly practical approach. Similarly to newly introduced Sans Forgetica font, the intermittent gaps in the letters enhance the memory retention the logo is easy to remember.


Wrap Up

We made an online journey to the most viewed and top-ranked creative agencies on Behance in 2019. Every year they actively update their portfolios and showcase the most sophisticated examples of the top-notch designers and creatives. It goes without saying, the core of these techniques lies in keeping up with the visual trends that change on a regular basis.

If you want to create a slick design steal the spotlight in a crowded market of lookalikes, these and many other creative agencies are something you need to keep an eye on. To help you in with your design endevours, we put together weekly collections of some of the most trendy visual content in our library. Check out our photo collections and be extra prepared for upcoming projects. 

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