As we slide through the years, new internet marketing experts and visionaries who share their secrets are constantly emerging and dominating this exciting industry. It’s important to follow them on social media, listen to their speeches, read their books and implement new hacks and approaches to stay up-to-date in the vast changing marketing field.

We have compiled a list of 15 globally recognized marketing experts that will help you stay up-to-date in 2019.

1. Guy Kawasaki — Apple, Canva, Mercedes Benz-USA

Main topics: evangelism, entrepreneurship, branding, social media marketing.

Guy Kawasaki — Apple, Canva, Mercedes Benz-USA top marketing experts to followKawasaki is one of the longest-serving veterans in the marketing landscape — with a career of over 30 years. Guy kickstarted his path with Apple company during its early years where he worked as the Chief Evangelist. Later he has cooperated in many other companies, including world-famous corporations. Now he is the Chief Evangelist of Canva (online graphics design tool), Adviser in (a platform for content curation), brand Ambassador of Mercedes Benz in the United States, and an honored Executive Fellow of the University of California.

Kawasaki is also the author of top-listed books on business, among which are “The Art of the Start” on startup management, “Selling the Dream” about evangelism as a new way of effective selling, and “The Art of Social Media“. He is also a repeated TEDx speaker on different marketing subjects and an author of business tutorial videos on Udemy and Skillshare.

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2. Rand Fishkin — SparkToro, MOZ

Main topics: technology, entrepreneurship, SEO, inbound marketing.

Rand-Fishkin-—-SparkToro,-MOZ-top-marketing-experts-to-followRand Fishkin is most famous for the creation of his latest company, SparkToro.The company was recently launched in 2018 and it’s increasingly gaining a lot of popularity for its unique Audience Intelligent Resources services. Before SparkToro, Rand and his mom had formed another popular company — Moz, one of the world’s top SEO and content marketing services. However, Rand recently left Moz in 2018 and is now focusing on SparkToro. Despite no longer being part of MOZ, Randy still conducts the Whiteboard Friday sessions on the MOZ blog.

Fishkin’s blog articles and social media posts are relevant to both veteran internet marketing experts and beginners – featuring many trending topics. He’s also the author of two high-rated books on business and marketing which are “Inbound Marketing and SEO” and “Lost and Founder“.

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3. Neil Patel — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics

Main topics: online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing.

Neil-Patel-—-Crazy-Egg,-KISSmetrics-top-marketing-experts-to-followA famous marketer, successful investor, and inspired entrepreneur, Patel has been making major strides in the world’s online marketing landscape. He’s become one of the New York Times bestselling authors, the Forbes edition has also listed Neil Patel as one of the top 10 marketing experts, and he still holds many accolades from reputable companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Reuters, and Google.

Among his most significant contributions were Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, both analytics software companies where he participated as a co-founder. He’s also the constitutor of the famous online marketing blogging platform, Quicksprout.

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4. Ann Handley — MarketingProfs

Main topics: content marketing, social media marketing.

Ann-Handley-—-MarketingProfs-to-marketing-experts-to-followOne of the pioneering experts with an accent on the content marketing field. Handley has managed to maintain her reputation over the years, and today she is working in the MarketingProfs, an educational platform for marketers with different levels of expertise, where she occupies the position of Chief Content Officer (CCO). Ann is also the author of the popular “Everybody Writes“, a book dedicated to professional copywriting.

No wonder Forbes called her the most influential woman in the nowadays social media world. Other reputable organizations such as IBM have also mentioned her as one of the persons influencing global issues through contemporary marketing.

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5. Avinash Kaushik — Google

Main topics: web analytics (GA), digital marketing.

Avinash-Kaushik-—-Google-top-marketing-expertThe creator of famous books on web analytics which are both applicable for beginners and professionals, Avinash is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Google analytics tool. Currently, he is working for the Google corporation and also is a co-founder in the Market Motive, an educational platform for marketers.

Kaushik is mostly praised for his ability to impart information in a simple manner conducive even for an absolute rookie and also is well-regarded for his unbelievable understanding of digital analytics. That’s why he received a number of awards and is becoming more and more popular among digital analytics specialist worldwide.

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6. Gary Vaynerchuk — VaynerMedia

Main topics: entrepreneurship, branding, social media, sales, digital marketing.

Gary-Vaynerchuk-—-VaynerMedia-top-marketing-experts-to-followPrior to starting the high-flying advertising business which has now turned into the VaynerX holding, Gary converted his parents’ winery venture into a lucrative establishment by means of implementing online marketing in its early days. Today he has investments in some of the most decorated companies such as Facebook.

He is considered one of the most practical internet marketing experts who does more than he says, but also he is known as a gifted orator. Five times he was called a bestselling author in the New York Times.

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7. Neal Schaffer — Bigbeat, Maximise Social Business, Rutgers Business School

Main topics: social media marketing, content marketing, personal branding.

Neal-Schaffer-—-Bigbeat,-Maximise-Social-Business,-Rutgers-Business-School--top-marketing-experts-to-followNeil is one of the most profound internet marketing experts and is mostly revered for his insightful publications on social media. In the span of his career, Neal has contributed to the success of a myriad of companies. Today he is a founder of the Maximize Social Business online resource, SMM Advisor in the Bigbeat marketing company in Japan, and a teacher of SMM at Rutgers University. On his blog and social channels, Schaffer shares educative information about thought leadership topics in relation to the social media space.

He published 3 books focused on SMM and one of them, “Maximise Your Social” is even used as a textbook at many top universities around the world (e.g. Rutgers University).

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8. Danny Sullivan — Google

Main topics: SEO, marketing.

Danny-Sullivan-—-Google-top-marketing-experts-to-followIf you want to be constantly up-to-date concerning the latest news about major search engines such as Google and Bing, Danny Sullivan is your best shot. Sullivan is a legit Google insider who liberally shares the information on how people can understand Google search. At the same time, he also helps Google with feedback from the general public.

Sullivan is also the founder of two of the most impressive blogs on the web, “Search Engine Land” and “Marketingland“. Search Engine Land shares the latest news on SEO and SEM whilst Marketing Land practical search marketing tactics.

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9. Jay Baer — Convince & Convert, Social Pros

Main topics: digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing.

Jay-Baer-—-Convince-&-Convert,-Social-Pros-top-marketing-expertsJay Baer touts himself as a “7th generation entrepreneur” which is probably a bit immodest yet quite fair. Consistently, Jay shares a really trend-worthy content in his blog and social media pages, mostly dedicated to marketing and customer service subjects. His profound knowledge and wide experience that he shares has proven to be a great resource for startups.

Apart from his blogs, Jay has authored 6 best-selling books, the most popular being “Hug Your Haters“. Presently he is the president of Convince & Convert, a flourishing consulting firm focused on strategy. He is also one of the go-to internet marketing experts for podcasts. Baer also owns Social Pros, one of the most listened to podcasts in the world.

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10. Darren Rowse — ProBlogger

Main topics: blogging, community management, productivity.

 Darren-Rowse-—-ProBlogger-top-marketing-expertRowse is one of the most reputable bloggers with proven experience of more than 15 years. He owns several flourishing blogs, and also the popular ProBlogger digital resource. His posts are mainly focused on helping the public increase their financial streams of revenue through the use of blogs. Thus for those who are looking to explore the blogging arena, Darren is a premier guide.

Rowse is also one of the go-to internet marketing experts for podcasts. Recently he started an exciting podcast series that considers ways to intensify blogging efficacy and improve content generation.

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11. Marcus Sheridan — IMPACT, SalesLion

Main topics: inbound marketing, sales, content marketing.

Marcus-Sheridan-—-IMPACT,-SalesLion-top-marketing-expertsMarcus is an accomplished author who has created a number of popular books in the marketing field, a successful entrepreneur, and also a famous keynote speaker who gives more than 70 global speeches each year, mainly on SMM-related subjects. A short time ago the Forbes journal included him in their list of the 20 best spokespeople.

Recently, he merged his company Sales Lion with the IMPACT educational resource and now the IMPACT company is evidently proving to be one of the best digital platforms in the US.

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12. Ann Smarty — SeoSmarty

Main topics: content marketing, search engines, guest blogging.

Ann-Smarty-—-SeoSmarty-top-marketing-experts-to-followAnn is one of the best internet marketing experts who helps beginners to master their SEO skills. She is the founder and manager of which offers immensely impactful SEO and digital marketing classes conducted online.

Constantly, Smarty shares insightful SEO articles on her blog aimed at increasing the number of website visitors. You can also find Ann’s courses on Udemy.


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13. Larry Kim — Mobile Monkey, CNBC

Main topics: mobile marketing, entrepreneurship, online marketing.

Larry-Kim-—-Mobile-Monkey,-CNBC-top-marketing-expertsKim is mostly known as the Chief Executive of the MobileMonkey chatbots marketing platform, and also he is an active writer at Medium, a fast-growing online publishing site. Constantly, Kim shares inspirational tips and insights on growth hacking, digital marketing, and advertising as well as entrepreneurship.



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14. Jeff Bullas —

Main topics: SMM, blogging, influencer marketing.

Jeff-Bullas-— is well-known as one of the most trustworthy internet marketing experts you should definitely keep an eye on. He holds several accolades in Digital Marketing such as #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer, and World’s #1 Business Blogger. He has also been listed by some of the most reputable media like Forbes and Huffington Post.

Continuously divulging beneficial information using social media channels, Bullas is a top-notch marketing visionary.

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15. Barry Schwartz — RustyBrick

Main topics: SEO, blogging, business effectiveness.

Barry-Schwartz-—-RustyBrick-top-marketing-experts-to-followHe is an owner of the RustyBrick company in the US whiсh is mostly devoted to web development. The venture aims to assist other firms in raising sales volumes while reducing expenditure. Also, Schwartz serves in an editorial role at Search Engine Land which was already mentioned in this article and Search Engine Roundtable, another famous SEO resource.

He is famous for undertaking peculiar and novel SEO issues to ensure supreme follower gratification through entertaining and educative content while leveraging on his 25-year search experience.

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Wrap Up

Digital marketing with all of its branches and directions is a wide and constantly changing field. There will always be a need to learn something new. By keeping abreast with these 15 experts listed above you can be certain that your marketing strategies will be raised to the upper level.

All these listed marketing, business, sales, and entrepreneurship gurus weren’t born with the silver spoon of marketing. They had to earn it over the years, and still they never stop learning. Follow the world’s best experts on social media, read their books, listen to podcasts, and raise your skills in selected areas of internet marketing.

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