Creative Cuts: Lessons from Cinematography

photography lessons cinematography

Inspiration sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Next time you’re watching a movie, pay attention to how shots are framed; the art of cinematography provides many lessons for the untrained eye. After all, ‘Director of photography’ is yet another word for a cinematographer.

The conscious choices you make in your compositions are vital to the success of your photographs just as a cinematographer’s framing of shots is vital to the success of the movie. We have gathered some of the most notable movie stills to illustrate excellent composition and give every photographer a chance to absorb the lessons hidden behind the frames.

Guest Blog Post: 13 Unbeatable Ways To Develop Your Photography Style

13 ubeatable ways to develop your photography style

If you asked two photographers to shoot a watermelon, you’d get two wildly different photos. Every photographer has their preferred approach to lighting, composition, mood, angle, and perspective.

So the big question.

How do you develop your photography style?

Featured Collection: Healthcare and Technology

helathcare and technology stock photography

One of the most in-demand, yet unexplored themes in stock photography is healthcare and technology. It’s difficult to capture the concept in real life situations, but with the proper set, equipment and models, you can transform your portfolio and provide clients with a collection that will suit their needs.

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