10 Tips for Better Macro Photography

10 tips for better macro photography depositphotos blog

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner photographer, you’ve probably experimented with macro photography. Close up images are another opportunity to look at everyday life differently, and capture ordinary objects in a new light. They say that you need special equipment if you want to try macro photography, however here are some tips and tricks that you can try with a regular DSLR camera.

The Psychology of Color in Film [Infographic]

the psychology of color in film

Have you ever watched a film and felt drawn into it right away? Often times, you subconsciously react to scenes based on the colors alone. Colors in film are used to evoke emotions and even the slightest change in hues can alter the way the audience responds to the scenes. Knowing which colors to use when can make all the difference to your projects.

Increase Your Profits with these Unexplored Themes in Stock Photography [Part 1]

unexplored themes in stock photography featured image 2

Stock photography has a certain responsibility to live up to the standards of visual communication industries. Companies turn to stock photography to best represent their content and ideas. The way we approach stock photography has a powerful effect on businesses. Clients want images with a human factor in them, something that is relatable for a large audience. This is precisely why we have to start thinking about the future, the current trends and ultimately look to redefine what makes a contemporary individual.

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