Your wintertime sales campaigns might be in full swing. However, in 2020, when brands have almost no occasion for close real-life communication with their audience, they need to compensate for this with soulful and cheerful communication online.

Even if all your Christmas commercials are already in rotation, and the New Year shopping guides are already posted on your websites, you still need to design everyday messages for your customers. Updates on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, holiday newsletters, Stories, and blog articles all require engaging New Year or Christmas pictures.

To save you some time or just make you smile during the hectic pre-Christmas time, we’ve put together our favorite winter- and holiday-related collections here.

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Christmas images — Photo Collection: Countdown to Christmas

stock photo christmas girl

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Winter images — Featured Collection: Let It Snow

stock photo winter road aerial

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Travel photography — Photo Collection: Winter Vacation (and some fun)

stock photo christmas children snow

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Christmas pictures and winter cover photos — Photo Collection: Holidays are Coming

stock photo christmas food

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Christmas pictures — Photo Collection: A Christmas Miracle

stock photo christmas child window

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Winter travel photography — Photo Collection: New Year’s in NY

stock photo winter New York

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Nature photography — Winter Landscapes

stock photo winter river

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Winter backgrounds — Backgrounds: Winter

stock photo winter pattern

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Video collection — Christmas Vibes

stock video New Year 2021 gif

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Your winter holidays communication can be whatever you want it to be. You can avoid holiday clichés and advertise your products with inspiring images of snow-covered landscapes. You can uplift your audience with visual storytelling featuring Christmas miracles. Or perhaps you can take them on a wonderful journey to other lands where people have unique traditions of celebrating New Year.

Whatever you choose, you’ll always find images and visuals to share your messages on Depositphotos. So good luck with your search!


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