Halloween is over and it’s time to put all your effort into holiday marketing campaigns for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. You can promote your products on social media, try influencer marketing or launch an entire email marketing campaign. But all these great ideas have to be backed up by the right visuals.

In November and December, people are getting excited about the approaching holidays. They are looking forward to all the sentimental moments they are going to experience with friends and family in the approaching holiday season. There’s so much to look forward to – baking gingerbread cookies, decorating the house, spending quality time together, and doing Christmas shopping.

To showcase that your audience and your brand are in the holiday spirit, use photos that transmit the festive atmosphere or at least to get them to smile. Here’s a collection of authentic visuals that cheerfully say “holidays are coming”.

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Christmas Eve

children on Christmas Eve

Gift wrapping

wrapping Christmas gift

Table setting

Festive Christmas and New Year table setting

Making wishes

girl on Christmas Eve


 father and daughter celebrating Christmas

Getting a Christmas tree

christmas tree market


women make DIY Christmas sweets

Getting out

dad rolls children on a snowcat

Decorating the house

decorating house on Christmas

In this photo collection, we’ve included atmospheric visuals that will help you start out with your holiday marketing campaigns. If you need more inspiration and content, subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for photo collections coming up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

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