There are only a few days left until Catholic Christmas, Hanukkah is in full swing, and there are New Year, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year ahead! This winter holiday marketing kit will help you jump on the departing train of seasonal marketing campaigns, even if this year you did not start early with Christmas sales.

Check out collections of ready-to-use themed images and videos, templates for winter marketing campaigns, some survival marketing tools, and last-minute campaign ideas that will boost your sales here and now.


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#1 Scheduling your holiday marketing campaigns 

Christmas sales start in late autumn (this year, some companies even launched their pre-Christmas campaigns at the end of October!) and at the end of winter. And this is great news for you as you still have more than two months to double or triple your profits.

In addition, if most of your target audience are people for whom the New Year, Kwanzaa, or Chinese New Year is the main holiday of the year, you have nothing to do but offer them gift ideas for loved ones and services that are useful during the holiday season (catering, cleaning, delivery, space decoration and so on).

And if most of your audience are people from Catholic countries, try to interest them with exotic offers dedicated to the mid-winter holidays that they have not celebrated before. Who will refuse a chance to stretch out the holiday period?

Look for the most important dates and holiday marketing lifehacks in this article Outstanding Christmas Ads and Greetings Ideas 2020.

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#2 Creating a ‘3D’ holiday experience

What did people miss mostly in 2020? Personal communication and outside-the-house experiences! We all miss noisy fairs in the city squares decorated with Christmas lights, long journeys, and even pre-holiday bustle all over the shopping malls, where festive melodies uplift our spirit!

Perhaps your offline stores cannot receive a large number of visitors this year, and the office where your customers usually ordered your services is closed due to a local lockdown. So go beyond! Offer users a soulful online experience by applying a user-friendly UX approach on your website as well as filling your social media pages with lovely multimedia content. Your app can also start singing Christmas carols!

For you, we’ve created a collection of trending videos that you can add to your pages today.

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The Depositphotos website also has a section for sound effects and stock music. Check it out!

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#3 Express offers as a budget-friendly tool

This year it was hard for people to plan ahead due to the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 situation. This means people were less likely to stock up on physical items for Black Friday (and statistics prove that) and were more likely to opt for fast and emotional online shopping. Especially if such purchases could make their life better or amuse you here and now.

Why do post-Christmas sales, as well as sales in the second half of winter, have a lot of hidden potential? Because your customers have time to surf the internet (people will spend winter weekends mostly at home), not all the people were satisfied with what they received as a gift, and some people might have money for additional purchases since they are not going on winter trips.

Test your post-Christmas offer ideas in a budget-friendly and time-saving way! Use our collection of thematic templates to create visuals about your products and services.

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#4 Going emotional and traditional 

Emotions help you sell better than the rationally described benefits of your product. The reason is that emotions come to us much faster than constructive thoughts, for which our brain requires significant resources to think over.

Add a festive context to that and you will find that during the winter holidays your customers don’t want to overthink, so it’s best to invest in creating the right atmosphere around your brand or product. You can achieve this goal using amazing images from 9 winter collections that we have here.

Explore 9 winter collections

Keep in mind that after such a hard year as 2020, people want to feel confident about the future. So be ‘predictable’! Create good traditions in the context of your brand: for example, round up your year with a newsletter, special project, or Christmas advertising video where you share your achievements and interesting stories that happened to you during the year. Another tradition could be your annual charitable donation that your clients can join (see Disney’s example here).

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#5 Being relatable and turning others into brand ambassadors 

Christmas in the USA, New Year in Eastern Europe, Chinese New Year in Eastern countries are holidays with strong family connections. These days it is important to be especially merciful, generous, sympathetic, loving, and friendly, that is, to be more sincere and kind.

Can a brand become a person for its audience? We have at least two marketing ideas on how you can achieve this effect. First, you can talk about your brand values ​​and the benefits of your service, bringing living heroes (your team members, specific customers, and your partners) to the fore. Tell about your products through real-life stories. Don’t forget about the happy ending!

A more time-consuming way to make your brand to become more relatable is to partner with influencers and launch online challenges. The second approach will help your followers feel in the spotlight as well as be part of the fun crowd!

Winter marketing tips


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Tying gift ribbons 

The end of the year is a busy and important period for brands. At the end of December, it’s time to summarize past marketing campaigns, update your notes about your target audience with thoughtful insights, and set your next business goals.

Even if 2020 didn’t go as well for you as you would like, keep in mind that after hard trials there is a time of reward, and economic recovery always comes after a recession. Let’s look to the future with optimism and support each other in these difficult times. Here’s to 2021 being the year to turn it all around!


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