The holidays are over, but winter isn’t. And as the days remain dark and cold, it’s vital to find ways to make them more enjoyable. During this period, try to provide support for your audience. For example, by sharing simple winter activities that they could try.

Depositphotos curators have selected a collection of cozy winter images and videos that you can use to create high-quality content and cheer up your community. Keep on reading to discover some of our ideas, and don’t hesitate to share them in your marketing activities!

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How to Stay Cozy This Winter

Get a set of bright bedding

pretty winter images

Play with pets

Cozy winter photos

Spend a day in bed

Winter images


Read a book as a family

Winter family photos

Make hot soup

Cozy winter wallpaper

Play in the snow

images of winter scenes

Make hot cocoa

Pretty winter images

Rent a house for the weekend

winter family videos

Get a cozy blanket

winter background images

Bake homemade cookies

aesthetic winter pictures

Start knitting

warm cozy winter wallpaper

Host movie nights

good morning winter images

Spend more time in nature

winter wonderland images

Try a new winter sport

pretty winter images

Take cute winter photos

winter family photos

Sit by a fireplace

winter family videos

Choose colorful knitwear

aesthetic winter pictures

Go on an adventure

winter background images

Add more sources of warm light

aesthetic winter images

Keep your Christmas decorations up

aesthetic winter pictures

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Add relevant music to emphasize cozy winters in your content

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Wrapping up

One of the best ways to nurture your brand community is by addressing common challenges, as well as providing support and potential solutions. Sometimes, winter is gloomy, but you can brighten up your audience’s day through the content you create. Hopefully, our cozy winter collection will help you do that!

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