Minimalism is more than just a trend; it’s a timeless philosophy and lifestyle. Its main idea is to own less and appreciate more. And even though there’s a very particular traditional winter holiday look, there are more options to choose from. A minimalist Christmas is one of them.

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What is Minimalism?

According to “the Minimalists” (Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus), minimalism is “a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives”. These two well-known minimalism enthusiasts point out that having fewer objects enables people to focus on those parts of their lives that matter the most. For example, on relationships and health. Is there anything more valuable in 2021? Or ever, for that matter.

Leading a minimalist lifestyle has numerous other advantages. It can teach you to live in the moment, it can help you pursue your true passions, it can enable you to grow as an individual.  And the list goes on and on.

Woman posing with Christmas decorations

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People all around the world have been rediscovering and exploring minimalism for the past decade. It has been increasingly popular among millennials, in particular. This is why we invite you to address this lifestyle movement in your Christmas-related communication. There are a lot of minimalists out there who are willing to celebrate just as much, if not more!

Use our tips to help your community give minimalism a chance this holiday season.

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What does a Minimalist Christmas look like?

Simple Christmas tree decorations

Elegant Christmas tree

Or no tree at all, but a wreath instead

Minimalist Christmas decorations

Homemade gift wrapping

DIY Christmas gift wrapping

DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas wreath

Focus on a few key colors

Minimalist Christmas tree

Experiences over purchases

Cozy Christmas time

Homemade Christmas cards

DIY Christmas gift wrapping

Baking at home with family and friends

Homemade Christmas cookies

A mindful gift exchange

DIY Advent calendar

Using what you already have

Minimalist Christmas decorations

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Wrapping up

December has begun, so holiday-related content is going to be everywhere very soon. It can be sometimes difficult to stand out among other brands and get the attention you deserve, but hopefully, these tips will help you. Support your community by sharing relevant ideas and spreading visual content that proves “less is more”.

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