What do you like the most about Christmas? Getting a Christmas tree and decorating the house? Or maybe making a mince pie and spending time with family and friends? There are so many things you can do before Christmas that December automatically becomes the most exciting month of them all.

In addition to preps, to get in the holiday mood you can play some Christmas classics by Mariah Carey’s and Frank Sinatra’s. Another exciting thing to look forward to are the annual Christmas ads by John Lewis, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and other notable brands. Aside from seeing the impeccable production, some of these tear-jerking ads are the short videos many have been waiting for all year.

The 10 best Christmas ads of 2019 so far

1. John Lewis

In everyday life, you may not like touching movies, but when Christmas is just around the corner you can’t help but watch the holiday ad by John Lewis. This time they shared the story of a friendship between a little girl and a dragon named Edgar that will melt your heart.

2. Apple

This Apple ad has already gathered over 23 million views which should not come as a surprise. The video is done in the finest tradition of Christmas ads – short but heartwarming.

3. McDonald’s

This season, McDonald’s decided to continue the series of commercials about a girl and a reindeer and made the right call. If you watch this Christmas ad til the end you’ll see why.

4. Amazon

If you’re a fan of musicals, you’ll definitely appreciate this Christmas ad presented by Amazon. All the characters are signing, celebrating life, and getting their Christmas presents. However, mind the song. It may later play in your head for the rest of the day.

5. Visa

With a not-so-subtle message, Visa’s commercial says “Show your High Street some love”. It couldn’t be more true, as the month before Christmas is when you actually spend all your savings on presents on the high street.

6. Ikea

During Christmas time, most of the brands are appealing to their clients’ pain points and Ikea is no exception. In the 2019 Christmas ad, they encourage people to get together in newly refurbished houses.

7. Coca-Cola

Of course, Coca-Cola is on this list as it is the Christmas classic everyone knows from childhood. Ringing bells and repeating lines like “Holidays are coming” make you want to get up from your workplace, run to the window and see the Coca-Cola truck.

8. World Wildlife Fund

By launching the 2019 Christmas video, the World Wildlife Fund shows ads can promote not only products and services but also ideas. They call everyone up to fight for a better future as we are the last generation who can save our planet.

9. Tesco

Tesco has already been delivering food for a hundred years and instead of telling their story in a conventional manner, they have created a funny video about a truck driver who delivers food of the future to different generations.

10. Walkers

The Walkers advert and Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” is a perfect match for watching some Christmas movies and deciding on travel destination you’d like to explore in 2020. But before, get comfortable and cozy to get started.

Have you watched all the videos already? If not, wait until the evening and enjoy these commercials together with family at home. You’ll quickly get in the holiday mood and most likely, be up for decorating the house for Christmas. Also, share this list of Christmas ads with others because Christmas is coming and it’s time to spread that holiday cheer.

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