Winter holidays are just around the corner and for businesses, it’s time to get started with holiday marketing campaigns. At this time of the year, promotions are an opportunity to increase sales, conquer new audiences, and build brand awareness.

Keep in mind that all retailers, agencies, and venues will be using the standard channels of communication to get to consumers, like social media and email marketing. Clients will be literally bombarded with similar deals like combos, product kits, and discounts. With such competition, it might be difficult to gain the client’s attention, which means you have to think about how you’ll stand out.

You can appeal to your audience by offering them something more than just a product or a service. For instance, you can share a cozy and festive atmosphere with your clients in emails or social media posts by using images and videos from thematic collections. At this time of the year, perhaps even our “Let it snow” collection.

This collection includes footage of beautiful snowfalls in the countryside, aerial photos of the snow-covered forests and roads, and images of cheerful animals playing in snowdrifts. All visuals have been hand-picked by our content team and are a great fit for all kinds of Christmas-related projects.

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evening landscape

aerial view

dark winter night

snowy forest

 spaniel running in the snow

snowy trees

Winter night

Christmas lights

Fishermen cabins

Use images and videos from this collection to add a magical ambiance to your holiday marketing campaigns. You can post them on websites and social media or include in emails and be sure to appeal to your customers with mood-setting visuals.

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