Back in 2016, I started writing articles for the Depositphotos blog with one idea in mind. Back then, it was important to create a platform to unite creatives from different fields – to share knowledge, inspire, and motivate those interested in photography and design.

Our team worked together to share our passion for the arts with the hope of building a community around the things we value. We created blog projects, special image collections, interviewed artists from around the world, released trends, started our monthly digests and went on to do great things with every year.

In all these efforts, the Depositphotos blog was listed as one of the top photography blogs by Pixpa, TheHub, Detailed, Feedspot, Photodoto, PhotoBlog, Nostopsigns, JoinDesign, and many others. At one point we even had a little virtual medal from Feedspot to remember the small milestones we’ve made.

The Depositphotos Blog today

Many of you have refreshed your tab a few weeks ago and noticed the lovely transformation of the blog today. Here’s a rare picture of what our blog looked like before, and what it’s like now.

It wasn’t just a visual transformation. The Depositphotos blog has grown to cover the topics of marketing, business, design, stock photography, and creative projects. And there’s more to come!

The blog lives on in the spirit of Depositphotos. I hope that everyone finds a little bit of themselves in our content, discovers answers to their questions, learns something new with unexpected topics, and leaves the pages only to come back the next day.

Some memories, top articles, and highlights you might have missed

What better way to celebrate blog day, than with some of our fun and memorable articles? Enjoy the list and let us know what you think about our blog in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

From 2016

1. The time we searched near and far for the most inspiring photographers on Instagram

2. When we wanted to help each and every stock photographers with new and unexplored themes in stock photography

3. Maybe you remember Shant from StudioBinder that shared how photographers can develop their personal style

4. Mobile photography was becoming a thing, and we covered all the popular photo editing apps

5. One of our first interviews with the amazing Felix Hernandez, a skillful photographer with miniature creations

From 2017

1. The year Instagram broke the internet, and we joined in with all the secret hacks for Instagram

2. We couldn’t stop covering Instagram, so we shared even more tips to step up your Instagram game

3. But we also looked to some cringy things that Instagram created, mainly the dying Instagram trends

4. We spoke to some of the top marketing experts to share their work with anyone working in marketing

5. We covered books, podcasts, Ted talks, movies, and documentaries on photography

From 2018

1. We nailed an Instagram topic for you guys, with our ultimate guide to hashtags for photographers

2. Crello became an integral part of our lives, and we were so thankful we often covered their customizable templates

3. We were thankful to Behance for all the inspiration when putting together trends, so we covered the top projects on Behance

4. In an effort to keep you always on the edge and with a source of inspiration, we found dozens of alternatives to Pinterest

5. Lastly, we found cool photography hacks that you can try at home with your camera

From 2019

1. Just for fun, there was an article on megalophobia, or things larger than life caught on camera

2. We knew that knowing what not to do on Instagram was also important, so we covered IG trends that are dragging you down

3. Dove head first into all the marketing jargon, and put together this article on promoting your photography business online

4. After the blast we had with visual trends, we decided to explore the graphic design trends of 2019

5. And we were all so happy when Depositphotos reached 100 million files. Thanks to many of you 🙂

There are plenty of memories in this wonderful online space. The Depositphotos blog will surprise you this year with more projects, more inspiration, and of course, only the latest in photography, design, and marketing.

What were some of your favorite articles on our blog?

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