There are good reasons why everyone loves Pinterest: you can find visuals on any topic for inspiration and you get to virtually pin stuff into neat folders based on your topics of interest. You have all your so-called ‘art inspiration’ organized into boards and the search for images becomes addicting before you know it. What about Pinterest alternatives that you can use instead for your creative ideas?

Find inspiration in apps and sites like Pinterest. Type in the keywords and find the answers in the form of images. Here are 10 alternatives to Pinterest – apps and sites like Pinterest – that might just contribute to your pool of creativity as well.

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1. Juxtapost

juxtapost logoOf all the sites like Pinterest we’ll be discussing, Juxtapost is probably the biggest competition. It certainly is the largest platform and shares all the similar features with Pinterest. You can create categories and share them with specific people, collaborate on categories with other users and do all the same things like on Pinterest. Here’s what Juxtapost has that Pinterest doesn’t: there is a special tab, ‘More Like This’, which allows you to see posts similar to the ones you’ve been viewing. You can do this without leaving the page you’re on. The winning feature of this website is that you can save your bookmarked content similar to Pinterest art as a spreadsheet document. You never know, it might be useful.juxtapost - pinterest alternative

2. We Heart It

weheartit_icon_whiteAt first glance, We Heart It clearly has a different demographic as the target audience. Unlike Pinterest, the website gives you a more basic experience in how you like and discover new users. You can also ‘love’ different art images which is fun. Although this Pinterest alternative lacks the pinning aspect and you don’t have boards, it’s still a way to gather your inspiration in one place. There is an additional feature you can install, the ‘Heart Button’ that will help you submit images you find online to your feed.we heart it - pinterest alternative

3. Designspiration

designspiration logoDesignspiration is aimed at those that are specifically on the lookout for design-related visuals. It’s a site like Pinterest shaped as a feed that covers all fields of design for those that work in creative industries. You can discover new artists, share your ideas, and other favourite works on the web. One of the great benefits of this website is the dynamic search bound to hit home if you’re looking for something more niche. You can also save your favorite items into collections much like the Pinterest boards.
designspiration - alternative to pinterest

4. Piccsy

piccsyThe greatness of Piccsy can be summed up in 3 words: it’s like Pinterest. You can perform all the same functions while looking for creative, inspiring, and beautiful art images. Oftentimes, Piccsy has been said to have a better reputation in terms of content as the user base has an exceptional taste for high-quality content. You also don’t have to sign up to start looking for art inspiration on Piccsy. Dodged that bullet!piccsy - alternative website to pinterest

5. Dribbble

dribbble-logo-graph-dnld-a5f51e6e8f6c6bd334b1dc962110bdbf8d19c56d81b767e144e7de7b15689618Dribbble prides themselves in being the ‘show and tell for designers’. It is a website that brings together creatives from different industries including all types of Pinterest artists, such as digital artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. Dribbble is a great platform to share your work with other creatives regardless of what field of design you’re working in. If you think your work is worth sharing, you can showcase it here and have an impressive audience be your judge. You can filter content by projects, colors, and tags as well as search for designers by location and skills. So why is it mentioned among Pinterest alternatives? Although it’s more specialized, it does transcend Pinterest in terms of design inspiration in particular.
dribbble - website like pinterest


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6. Inspiration grid

fb-logoHere’s one for all the artists that are slightly disappointed with Pinterest’s art and design collections or have simply run out of good content fit for your taste. Inspiration Grid is actually an online magazine that gathers talent from all over the world. The website is full of visual content which provides users with a daily dose of inspiration in the fields of art, design, typography, architecture, illustration, fashion, and about a million other creative fields. You might not be able to create boards on the website but it’s definitely worth the creative sparks that it will ignite as a new pool of inspiration similar to Pinterest. 

inspirationgrid - site like pinterest for daily design inspiration

7. VisualizeUS

visualize_us_logoVisualizeUS appears to be a lot like Pinterest at first glance but it places more emphasis on picture and video sharing. There is an extension to the website that makes it easy to add pictures from around the web to share them on the platform. There’s also a great ‘Shuffle’ feature that allows you to refresh the page for new inspiration whenever you feel like it. In brief, VisualizeUS is a site like Pinterest which is simplified. The features make picture sharing more interesting.
visualizeus - site like pinterest

8. Dudepins

dudepins logoYou’ve probably been waiting since paragraph 2 to get to this one! Yes, you get to literally ‘discover everything that’s manly’. Dudepins is one of the most popular Pinterest alternatives for men. Unlike the other ‘manly’ Pinterest alternatives, this one is more sophisticated and classy. It’s not full of stereotypical topics and memes but rather a community of likeminded individuals that think Pinterest is slightly, well…not so manly.dudepins-pinterest-alternative

9. Gentlemint

Gentlemint-LogoTo give men a little bit more variety of choice with sites like Pinterest, Gentlemint has made it to this list. A fun feature on the website is that instead of the like/love/pin button, there are mustaches. Gentlemint is a community that has a more masculine aesthetic and a little bit of good old fashioned humor. The target audience makes this one popular with the gents, so if you are looking for another creative outlet, here’s your chance.gentlemint-pinterest-alternative

10. Depositphotos

Без названияPinterest allows you to pin stuff, and Depositphotos has a special feature called ‘Favourites’. Every image in our database has a star icon that allows you to add files to your own folders. You can scroll through our library and add images to different folders of inspiration. It’s a way to keep your photos organized and take advantage of a library of 200 million files including those that remind you of Pinterest art. Another great feature is that you can share those folders with others and purchase images for your projects right away if need be. You’ll find tips on searching for images on Depositphotos here and dozens of design and photography ideas here (Knowledge Hub)


Even more sites like Pinterest in 2020: DwellingGawker, We Heart It, Liqurious (food-focused), Craftgawker, and Fancy (fashion-focused).  

At the end of the day, it’s all about the inspiration you find and not so much about the platform. Pinterest will never get old but these Pinterest alternatives are also fun and something new to try. You can span out your inspiration to other websites and generate new and creative ideas with new channels and websites. Could you substitute Pinterest? Stay inspired and share other sites like Pinterest with us. And if you do not plan to leave Pinterest for a while, learn how to promote and sell on Pinterest.

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