Stock photographers have an extraordinary amount of power in the communications industry. Your works are used to support content and communicate with audiences before they even have a chance to dig into any actual reading. This element of choice in what you shoot plays an important role in other industries.

Here’s your chance to tap into the market and shoot for themes that are in high demand. Use your resources to expand on the unexplored themes in stock photography and you are bound to find success.

Future of technology and internet of things

As you are reading this, newer technologies are being developed to facilitate our busy lives. Future technologies should not be portrayed as phantom digital artworks. Instead, think of the ways in which technology is transforming our lives and how to capture the human interaction with these new technologies. A good examples are virtual reality, self driving cars, gadgets and other devices that are incorporated into our lives.

In a recent blog post, we briefly discussed the concept of the internet of things. This is one of the more exciting themes to work with because you are documenting the future and how the concept will be presented possibly for years to come.


Medicine in context

One of the gaps in this theme is the portrayal of doctors and professionals in action. If this is a theme that interests you, consider photographing doctors in context to their professions. Show their interaction with patients, their unique environments and most importantly, choose to portray a natural scene that doesn’t look staged.

Another theme to explore is the evolving role of technology in healthcare.


Animals as our companions

A man’s best friend is just one example and one way to go about an animal photoshoot. Photograph your pets and other animals. Here’s another chance to change up your subjects and photograph something new. One of the things about animals is that unlike models, they won’t do as they’re told which is where the charm and authenticity comes from.


Food and delicious meals

It seems that food photography has taken a comfortable spot as a new genre of photography. Capturing delicious moments is a joy in its own and a great opportunity to dip into the bigger market where these kinds of images are in demand. A popular trend is flat lay design which is a great place to start when photographing food.

Cooking meals can become an artform; how you choose to photograph your food can easily elevate your meals in a similar way.


There is always a way to approach themes in creative ways. Perhaps our selection of unexplored themes in stock photography will inspire you to create, elaborate and embellish the already existing collections.

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