Graphic design is everywhere – you can spot it glancing at food packaging, every single billboard you pass by, almost every tote bag print, book covers, and even coffee shop menus. Considering the transience of contemporary fashion, today it is crucial to keep up with trends to make your business or project outstanding. A design can be very memorable, mostly because the artists implement some of the latest and most innovative trends.

This year, graphic design encourages rebellion against the standard rules. Be brave enough to throw the grids and symmetry out, and shock everyone with neon and metallic color choices, and bold visuals.

Wondering how to implement all that in real life? For all the creatives, we’ve analyzed the major flows, tendencies, and drift, finally compiling them into an unrivaled infographic on everything you need to know about graphic design trends 2019.

graphic design trends 2019 infographic by Depositphotos

Challenge yourself by combining several graphic design trends 2019 in your next project and continue reading about trends on our blog:

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