On average, Instagram users spend more than an hour on the social network daily. And although the number can vary greatly, for many people, using this platform has become a habit and a part of everyday life. Is much of the content you consume on Instagram good for you? Sometimes, it’s hard not to get lost in the never-ending stream of posts and stories. To help you make the most of your Instagram time, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting accounts of videographers from around the world.

If you want to learn how to make impressive videos that will get thousands of views and likes, be sure to check out the work of these creators. Here, you will find both inspiration and practical advice that you can use in your own projects. So go for ideas!

Best video creator accounts to follow on Instagram

1. Sam Kolder 


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Публикация от Sam kølder (@samkolder)


Sam Kolder is a content creator, director, video editor, photographer, and influencer from Canada. He began his professional career as a videographer for The Chainsmokers, a famous American DJ duo. Sam later became a popular travel and lifestyle vlogger on social platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. He also benefited from cooperation with the company Beautiful Destinations, which specializes in creating tourism campaigns. This author has an original, recognizable style of video shooting and processing, which other creators try to imitate. There are numerous tutorials on the Internet that show you how to make this or that effect “in the style of Kolder”. Take a look at Sam’s Instagram account to understand the secret of his popularity.


2. Karen X


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Публикация от Karen X (@karenxcheng)

Karen is an award-winning art director and creator from California with over 500 million views. She has a talent for creating viral videos and a huge army of fans on Instagram. Her clients include Apple, Snapchat, Netflix, Puma, Lego, Oculus, and many other brands. Karen is passionate about the metaverse and artificial intelligence, and she created Cosmopolitan’s first AI-based cover. At the same time, you can find a bunch of simple and fun lessons on her page. So, if you’re wondering how to film a Matrix-style slow-motion scene on a budget, create a flight simulation, or “clone” a human, be sure to subscribe to Karen.


3. Nainoa Langer


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Публикация от N Λ I (@nainoalanger)

What could be more exciting than viewing photos from exotic locations and picturesque corners of our planet? Videos of these places, because nothing better conveys their atmosphere. Those who dream of long-distance travel will definitely like Nainoa’s account. He travels the world, shooting dizzying videos. Not only do these works attract the attention of Instagram users, but also brands. Aloha Aina, a film co-created by Nainoa and Sam Carpenter about the Hawaiian Islands and its inhabitants, even received an Emmy nomination.


4.  Austen Paul


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Публикация от Austen Paul (@austen_paul)

Austen Paul’s Instagram page will be a godsend if you’re not just looking for new video ideas, but also practical tips on how to get a specific spectacular effect. He is a videographer who generously shares his practical experience and life hacks with the audience. Austen’s profile will be of particular interest to those engaged in product advertising and wanting to learn how to present products in the most attractive way possible. Slow-motion, special effects, and experiments with different textures and colors are far from all Austen has for you.


5. Tom Jauncey


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Публикация от TOM JAUNCEY (@tomjauncey)

Tom is another talented videographer working for Beautiful Destinations. So it’s unsurprising that his feed is full of impressive videos from different countries. The creator currently resides in Dubai and depicts this city in all its magnificence, with towering skyscrapers and incredible landscapes. He also actively shares stories from backstage and his own life. This combination of powerful content and storytelling has earned Tom thousands of followers on Instagram.


6. Jas Davis


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Публикация от Jas Davis (@jas)

Want something more unusual? Then go to the page of digital content creator Jas Davis. He makes original and futuristic videos by combining the real and virtual worlds; all by using computer special effects and animation. Jas became especially famous for the funny videos he filmed for Will Smith and his show “Will Smith’s Bucket List”. If you want to have some fun, make sure to check out a few.


7. Bryn North


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Публикация от Bryn North (@bryn_north)

It is not enough to just shoot a good scene to attract the audience’s attention. A videographer’s talent is to immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the depicted scene. And everything is important in this case: plot, composition, plans, colors, music. When these elements are in harmony, vivid videos like Bryn North’s emerge. He has a series of travel videos with picturesque shots of nature filmed in different corners of the planet. So, whether you want to visit South Africa, the French Alps, or the Hawaiian island of Maui, join him on a virtual trip.


8. Brandon Li


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Публикация от Brandon Li (@brandon_l_li)

This is another useful account for video creators, where they can see various equipment being tested, as well as examples of what top-notch footage can be shot with a smartphone. Brandon Li shows the creative process from the inside out. An interesting feature of his profile: a video with a frame divided in half, allowing you to see both the shooting and the resulting image.


9. Oliver Astrologo


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Публикация от Oliver Astrologo (@oliverhl)

For many, Instagram is a way to teleport and travel anywhere on the planet. And it is not surprising, because travel accounts are among the most popular on the social network. The works of modern videographers often take one’s breath away, because they look so spectacular. Oliver Astrologo’s videos dedicated to different cities and countries are a great example. These are rather mini-movies, atmospheric and well-directed. They have the magic of the moment, lovely music and, of course, incredible views.


10. Sebastian Jern


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Публикация от Sebastian Jern (@sebastianjern)

Don’t know where to find an unusual location for a video? Why not try making it yourself in miniature. This is where the account of Sebastian Jern, a visual effects specialist from Sweden, will come in handy. He creates original videos showing how to recreate scenes and locations from famous films using readily available tools. For example, the moon’s surface made of paper and foam, an ice cave made of sugar and syrup, or Hogwarts made of glue foam and plaster. And do not be confused by the simplicity of execution: in the videos, they look like Hollywood scenery.


Wrapping Up

We can make good use of the time we spend on social networks. Even the entertainment content you watch can be a source of creative ideas. So, subscribe to the accounts of talented creators who were able to turn their hobbies into successful careers. Find even more top creator pages in our article: “Who inspires Depositphotos users: top Instagram accounts of photographers, artists, and designers”.


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