Turning to Instagram for fashion inspiration is automatic for many of us. Many profiles are there as reminders of what we aspire to perhaps look like and maybe even items we’d like to own. If not, it’s simply a joy to sift through photographs of people that have an impeccable sense of style.

We rounded up 16 of the most inspiring and creative fashion and style bloggers from Instagram so you can add some to your list. It’s also a great way to keep up with current trends if you’re a little distant from all the chaos of the fashion industry.

Here goes…

1. @erika_boldrin


Публикация от Erika Boldrin (@erika_boldrin)

2. @waityouneedthis

3. @giizeleoliveira

Soho bae ✨ #nyc #? #?

Публикация от Gizele Oliveira (@giizeleoliveira)

4. @helenabordon

Summer vibes ✨ ✨✨ @docedecoco_oficial www.docedecocostore.com.br

Публикация от Maria Helena Bordon Meireles (@helenabordon)

5. @jxxsy

6. @krystal_bick

Scooting into the weekend ? // ? by @johnsonty

Публикация от Krystal Bick (@krystal_bick)

7. @margaret__zhang

Siamo pronti, y’all

Публикация от Margaret Zhang 章凝 (@margaret__zhang)

8. @sincerelyjules

Real life size emoji. ??

Публикация от JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules)

9. @thehautepursuit

Juxtaposition, much? More reason to meditate in the wild of concrete jungle Hong Kong ➰➰➰cc: @upperhouse_hkg

Публикация от Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit)

10. @karenbritchick

11. @songofstyle

12. @alexnoiret

?Shot by @mikeseela @visionlosangeles ✨

Публикация от Alex Noiret (@alexnoiret)

13. @thriftsandthreads

New post on the blog today featuring key pieces for fall ??(direct link in bio)

Публикация от BRITTANY XAVIER (@thriftsandthreads)

14. @natalieoffduty

15. @5inchandup

16. @srhmikaela

Ibiza, wearing the dream dress from @bashparis ? See it move in the Stories ??? #bashSS18 #ad

Публикация от SARAH MIKAELA (@srhmikaela)

Share your fashion inspiration with us! Add your favourite accounts in the comments section below, and we’ll include it in our list.

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