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For our blog readers: Images for as low as $0.80
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5 Tips on Shooting Successful Stock Videos

You can’t go wrong with stock footage. One of the reasons you’ll find success in this sector is because video is becoming an increasingly popular medium. Syndacast has predicted that this year, 74% of all internet traffic will be video content. What can we make of this information? You’ve got to catch up with this glorious trend and get your foot in the door!

The Psychology of Color in Film [Infographic]

Have you ever watched a film and felt drawn into it right away? Often times, you subconsciously react to scenes based on the colors alone. Colors in film are used to evoke emotions and even the slightest change in hues can alter the way the audience responds to the scenes. Knowing which colors to use when can make all the difference to your projects.

Surf’s up! Wavebreak Media just entered our pipeline!

Depositphotos now proudly presents a collection of over 22,000 of the best images by Wavebreak Media. Among them you will find photos about business, family, lifestyle, medicine, studying, and lots more.

Group of people Graduating from College © Depositphotos | Sean Prior At the moment, Wavebreak Media is one of the leading distributors of visual content not only in its Irish homeland, but all over the world. Its main principle: never compromise the quality of photos and video.