Competition between brands that utilize video marketing for promotion grows every year. Despite world events and economic crises, many businesses continue to increase video production budgets. This is because they see a lot of potential in this tool.

According to the 2021 Wyzowl Video Survey, over 80% of professionals state that video has helped them generate more leads and increase the amount of time users spend viewing a page. What’s more important is that 85% of users say they would like to see more video content from businesses in 2021. These statistics prove that video remains a win-win content format for both marketers and customers.

Care to find out more about the latest video marketing statistics and trends? Continue reading this article and explore thematic infographics that will help you with upcoming projects this year.


Video marketing trends that will dominate in the near future

Interactive content

XR technology has been upgrading every year, and its popularity will only increase in the upcoming months. It is predicted that the AR and VR market will grow from $12.0 billion in 2020 to $72.8 billion in 2024.

In 2021, businesses will shift their focus from visually appealing content to more meaningful online experiences. This will allow brands to connect with their audience and showcase their personality.

AR and VR stories will be based on interactive scenarios that put audiences into circumstances they have not experienced before. Brands will also have more opportunities to experiment with content they share and provide a long-lasting impression on their customers.

Sequential storytelling

In comparison to snackable videos, which are short and entertaining, social media viewers appreciate longer, sequential stories when it comes to ads. Several videos united by one big plot or idea look more trustworthy to users. This is why they are eager to engage with ads that are built according to the principle of sequential storytelling.

The State of Video Marketing in 2021: Statistics by Platform and the Latest Industry Trends

YouTube statistics say that 74% of users remember sequenced ads better than standard 30-second videos. However, for marketers, it’s not the easiest technique to experiment with. Creating these stories might require greater investments. At the same time, sequential stories are a fitting and effective tool for any campaign, whether it’s on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, or TV.

Shoppable videos 

Shoppable videos are definitely the future of e-commerce, as they allow to increase brand awareness, attract new leads, and boost sales. As customers get a more interactive experience while watching video ads, they also build deeper connections with a brand.

Audiences get the chance to learn more about a product or service, immerse themselves into a story, and make a purchase decision on the spot. The versatility of shoppable videos encourages marketers to use the tool more often than before. Not to mention that in 2020, 70% of users purchased from a brand after watching their YouTube ads.


The state of video marketing 2021

Infographic The State of Video Marketing in 2021


Whether you’re a pro in video marketing, or someone who would like to start using this tool in 2021, these statistics and trends will be helpful in preparing your campaigns. Also, try to experiment with formats and approaches this year, in order to find a strategy that works best for your brand.  

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