Travelling has been a challenge for the past two years, but it seems like more and more countries will be ready to welcome visitors in 2022. If you’re a travel photographer, or are interested in becoming one, it’s time to start thinking about your next destination.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting places in the world that could be great for photography and adventures. Keep on reading to discover them and a ton of inspiration!


Namib desert


Even though the oldest desert in the world is located in Namibia, it also has a lot of greenery and wildlife. Mahango Game Park and Nkasa Rupara National Park are a must-visit if you make it there. Thanks to a number of rivers, this country is the perfect home for a variety of species. For example, you can find the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs there. Impressive, right?

Yarra Valley

Victoria, Australia

Australia is full of wonders both for regular tourists and professional photographers, and the Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of them. It is located along the south-eastern coast and spans for 240 kilometers. This destination is also listed as an Australian National Heritage. And it’s not just about the journey, there’s also a lot to see on the way. For example, a wildlife sanctuary called Wildlife Wonders.

Coral reef


Would you like to visit one of the largest tropical rainforests? Then Belize is the place for you. It’s a country in Central America with a jungle in the west, and the Caribbean sea in the east. Thanks to the recent attempts to protect wildlife in Belize, there are a number of ecotourism options available.

Palau from above


This is one of the most extraordinary options on this list. Palau is an archipelago that consists of more than 500 islands. It’s part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Eighty percent of the waters there are considered to be one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. Keep this in mind if you’re interested in underwater exploration and photography. Upon arrival, be ready to make a pledge that says “the only footprints I shall leave are those that will wash away.”

The Best Travel Photography Destinations for 2022

New Brunswick, Canada

A perfect destination for those of you who love trail travelling. New Brunswick is where you can find the longest backcountry hiking trail in Eastern Canada. It’s 93 miles long and includes spectacular sights such as Mount Carleton and a legendary turtle-shaped rock located nearby the Nepisiguit Falls.

The Best Travel Photography Destinations for 2022

Chimanimani, Mozambique

Luckily, Mozambique has also been going through a period of thorough wildlife protection and care. If you visit the Chimanimani National Park, you get a chance to discover Mount Binga, the highest peak of Mozambique, a decreasing number of elephants, and hundreds of rare plant and bird species.

Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan at Jigokudani Hell Valley

Hokkaido, Japan

One of many reasons to visit Hokkaido, a picturesque Japanese island, is to discover the history and cultural background of the Ainu, their local indigenous people. This is a unique opportunity to capture a group that has been marginalized for centuries, but is finally getting the protection they deserve. You can learn a lot from them, including their approach to a sustainable lifestyle, which is a big part of their beliefs and upbringing. On top of that, there’s Shikotsu-Toya National Park with some hot springs.

Procida island

Procida Island, Italy

2022 is definitely the year to visit Procida, an island located 40 minutes away from Naples. It has been selected as the Italian Capital of Culture 2022, so there is a plan to organize cultural events and various activities for visitors to enjoy throughout the whole year. It’s a brilliant initiative that makes this splendid location even more appealing, while also addressing the issue of seasonal tourism. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

Have you heard of Granada before? It’s one of those discoveries that leaves you speechless and is impossible to forget. Granada was built in the 13th century by Nasrid sultans. Nowadays, it’s an architectural marvel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a must-visit destination in Spain. There are royal palaces and eye-catching mosaics everywhere. And don’t forget to look up when you get there; you’ll be impressed by the mountains surrounding the area. Breathtaking!

Sea turtle close up in Caribbean


Last but not least, here’s another exciting location for your tropical adventures. The Bonaire National Marine Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List a decade ago. As a result, the coral reef there is exceptionally healthy and appealing to snorkelers and divers. Apparently, there are over 350 fish species and almost 60 coral species. Imagine all the spectacular photographs you could take there.

Wrapping up

Travel photography is an exhilarating endeavour that will hopefully become more accessible in 2022. If you’re eager to go on an adventure and come back with lots of high-quality photos, consider some of the options from our list of destinations. The world is so big and diverse, it’s waiting for you to explore it and capture a lot of special moments on the way. Go for it!

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