Before, in order to find creative inspiration, artists used to go to museums, visit landmarks, buy art books, and admire nature. But after the beginning of the digital era, everything changed dramatically: now, the source of ideas is literally in the hands of every author. More specifically, on smartphones or laptops. The emergence of social media has erased distance and boundaries, allowing everyone to get the most relevant information about their idol’s creative work directly, and even interact with them.

We got curious about which artists inspire Depositphotos users and conducted a relevant survey. It turned out that among them, there are a lot of authentic creators to learn from. Look through this list to replenish your inspiration!



 1. Annie Leibovitz

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Source: Instagram

You can hardly find a more famous portrait photographer than Annie Leibovitz. She took the art of photo portraiture to the next level – in large, because of many years of work for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and Vogue magazine (her most famous works include a photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken a couple of hours before Lennon’s murder, and a portrait of pregnant Demi Moore). Many celebrities, including showbiz representatives, outstanding athletes, leading politicians, and even royalties dream to appear before Leibovitz’s camera. If you are fascinated by the works of this photographer too, you will definitely appreciate her Instagram account, just like our users.


2. Albert Watson

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Source: Instagram

Albert Watson is another photographer well known for his photos of celebrities and models. He designed more than 100 covers for Vogue and 40 covers for Rolling Stone (his works include an iconic Steve Jobs portrait and a photo of Alfred Hitchcock with a goose). Watson has won many professional awards, and his works are exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide. They impress with their expression and masterful use of light. We are sure this account will captivate you for a long time.


3. Lindsay Adler

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Source: Instagram

Fashion photography is very popular among our users, and the account of New York photographer Lindsay Adler proves this. She works with many publications (Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle, Professional Photographer) and brands (Canon, Adobe, Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi). Characteristic features of Adler’s style: laconic, graphic, and expressive. What’s interesting is that the artist’s source of inspiration is Albert Watson. Adler was mastering the use of light, studying his works, and adopting effects used by the British photographer. And she was definitely successful!


4. Hansruedi Ramsauer

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Source: Instagram

If you admire photography not only as a method of reflecting reality, but also as a way to create fantastic, surrealistic worlds, you might like the works of Swiss photographer Hansruedi Ramsauer. This photo artist changes the scale of objects and combines unexpected things in a creative way, making eye-catching visual illusions using Photoshop. It’s interesting that Ramsauer worked for about 20 years in the financial field, and then abandoned everything to pursue art. A great example of inspiration!


5. Serge Ramelli

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Source: Instagram

We have something to offer travel photography fans, too. If you also find motivation in traveling, and look at photos from different places of our planet with delight, check out the account of Serge Ramelli. There, the photographer shares both his photos (most of which are shot in Paris) and some useful tips. For example, he explains why it’s important to create personal projects, and how to make money with creative work.



1. Damien Hirst

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Source: Instagram

Damien Hirst is the most famous representative of the Young British Artists group, and the “most expensive” artist of modern time. His works impress and even shock, since a key topic in art is death (a series of dead animals: sharks, cows, and sheep, as well as a diamond-encrusted skull). The use of biological material has become Hirst’s creative signature. But some of his works differ. A great example is the diptych “Sky Over Corn Field” dedicated to Ukraine.


2. Timothy Goodman

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Source: Instagram

Timothy Goodman is an artist, muralist, and designer who is passionate about typography and creating stunning murals. He has a very recognizable style – minimalist black-and-white inscriptions well-liked by many brands. This award-winning author took part in the development of Apple’s visual style, and worked with CNN, Microsoft, Airbnb, J.Crew, MoMA, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.


3. Lisa Congdon

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Source: Instagram

If you take interest in illustration, be sure to visit Lisa Congdon’s account. Main features of her style: abstract colorful drawings, bizarre patterns, and eye-catching lettering. In addition, the artist designs books, stationery, fabrics, and home products, and writes books about creative work.


4. Gemma Correll

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Source: Instagram

Not everybody uses social media to look for ideas. Sometimes, we turn to it to switch off, read or to watch something interesting, and to laugh. If this is familiar to you, turn your attention to Gemma Correll. She creates cute and fun comic strips, depicting situations and emotions familiar to many of us. The artist also cooperates with Amazon, Hallmark, and The New York Times.


5. Malika Favre

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Source: Instagram

Malika Favre’s artworks are examples of what modern pop art should be like. She developed her unique style by combining positive and negative space, as well as colors in her works. Her minimalistic illustrations with geometric patterns look clean and very striking at the same time. That’s why you can find Favre’s works in well-known publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair.



1. Stefan Sagmeister

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Source: Instagram

Stefan Sagmeister is a superstar of modern graphic design. Since 1993, he has owned a studio in New York with four directions of creative design: music, social, corporate, and non-commercial original design. His achievements include the creation of branding, graphics, and packaging for such clients as HBO, the Guggenheim Museum, as well as album covers for The Rolling Stones and Time Warner. In addition, Sagmeister won two Grammy awards for album covers for The Rolling Stones and Talking Heads.


2. Aaron James Draplin

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Source: Instagram

Aaron James Draplin’s account is a real find for admirers of vintage American style. It’s interesting that he started his career creating designs for snowboards. Now, Draplin has his own agency that designs brand identity, illustrations, and printed materials. His clients include Nike, Esquire, Red Wing, Ford Motor Company, and even the Obama administration.


3. Tyler Pate

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Source: Instagram

Tyler Pate is an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator who actively creates collaborations with Adobe. He readily shares his creative process on social media to inspire the creative community to experiment. Tyler often communicates with his followers and fans during open performances and webinars.


4. David Carson

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Source: Instagram

David Carson’s style is hard to confuse since he is the founder of the grunge typography art movement. The designer gained wide popularity while working with Ray Gun magazine, dedicated to alternative music and grunge. One of Carson’s experiments was the refusal of a design grid system. He played with fonts, used layered letters, lines, and images. Today, David Carson is considered to be one of the most authentic designers. He continues to collaborate with leading publications and brands (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Ray Ban, Nike, Microsoft, NBC).


5. Brethren Design Co.

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Source: Instagram

Brethren Design Co. is a team of two brothers who, according to them, cooperate with bold brands and agencies. They believe that there’s no need to compromise one’s own artistic vision to create a successful commercial product; they vividly illustrate this in their own creative works. Complex compositions, diverse decorative elements, authentic type fonts – all these features draw your attention to the brothers’ works.

We hope you liked our selection of Instagram creator accounts, and have discovered something inspiring for yourself. We are always keen on learning more about our clients and followers. So, we invite you to comment below about authors that inspire you.


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