According to SproutSocial, 57% of consumers are more likely to buy goods from brands they follow on social media. It means that if you have a brand and don’t promote it on social media you miss an opportunity to earn more and reach your clients better. However, having a page on all social networks is not enough. You have to publish creative and relevant content to make your page stand out.

We have gathered popular Instagram brand accounts where you can look for inspiration for your posts. Let’s learn from the masters!

1. Canon

Canon page on Instagram is a great source of inspiration not only for photographers but also brands who want to engage their audience and improve brand loyalty. They publish photos taken with Canon, short stories, and advice for photographers. Canon constantly interact with their audience: organize events, competitions and ask questions.


2. Mam

Mam is a Spanish watch brand with minimalistic, contemporary aesthetics. Their page on Instagram is fully in line with their brand image. Mam publish the photos of their watches together with surreal photography that creates a dreamy atmosphere and makes you feel special.

3. Adobe

Adobe tools help people to express their creativity. That’s why they decided to use this to their advantage and filled their Instagram with amazing user-generated content. They show what people can do with their tools and inspire other artists.

4. Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a Canadian resort company with more than 100 hotels all over the world. Their Instagram account is full of inspiring images: from wild forests to exotic getaways. They often organize contests and give valuable prizes for the winners.

5. We work 

If you follow We Work on Instagram you can’t help thinking about choosing a life of a digital nomad. They publish the images of amazing places, coworking spaces and always interact with their audience.

6. Sharpie

Sharpie is another great example of a company posting user-generated content. They show impressive designs people can create with the help of their markers, organize contests, and publish inspirational quotes.

7. Depositphotos

Depositphotos publish amazing images of their contributors, inspirational quotes and interviews with artists. It’s a great source of inspiration for brands and photographers.

8. Airbnb

If you still don’t follow Airbnb on Instagram you definitely should check their page. They engage people to travel and show amazing places all over the world. It’s one of the most popular brand pages on Instagram with 3,2 million subscribers.

9. Apple

Apple is a company that sets trends in marketing. Even if you are not a fan of their products, you definitely should follow them on social media. They have 7 millions of followers on Instagram and publish mostly user-generated content.

10. Britandco 

If you want to improve your mood you should follow Britandco’s page on Instagram. They publish bright images, funny posts, and inspirational quotes.

11. The Honest Company 

Dennysdinner is a good example of a company that incorporates humor into their social media strategy. Their Instagram page is very creative and funny.

12. Letterfolk 

Letterfolk do their best to engage their Instagram followers – they organize giveaways, ask questions and publish jokes. Take a look at their profile, it looks awesome!

13. HM 

HM’s page on Instagram is a beautiful lookbook of their clothes. They publish the images of models as well as user-generated content.

14. Dennysdiner

Dennysdinner is a good example of a company that incorporates humor into their social media strategy. Their Instagram page is very creative and funny.

15. EOS 

The most of the images on EOS Instagram are in the same pastel colors, so it looks professional and appealing. They publish the images of their balms, real people using their products, and inspirational messages.

We hope these accounts will inspire you to try something new, experiment, and find unusual ways to attract new customers. What brand pages do you admire the most? Share them in comments!

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