Depositphotos celebrates 5 anniversary in 2014


We are happy to share with you our success story – these 5 years were very exciting and energetic. We are proud of our achievements and are sure the next 5 years will be absolutely great for all of us!

Corporate Accounts for Teams: new level of photobank experience


Built for businesses, Corporate Accounts for teams gives you a simple tools for creating sub-accounts; managing their balance and access; and better ways to work together. Administrator gets full control on team access and allocation of credits and downloads between sub-accounts. Get all these benefits — plus optimize your license management and procurement budget with our brand new features.

Favorites: The ultimate solution for content management


Discover Favorites – designed to maximize your photobank efficiency.

The new Favorites feature, which replaces the former Lightboxes, was based on computer file folders: this intuitive structure provides a familiar user interface, and meets all your content management needs.

We hope you enjoy these new features:

1. Elegant design

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