Nowadays, customers want meaningful communication with brands that understand and address their needs. With Mental Health Awareness Month in May, you have a fitting opportunity to demonstrate that you care to your audience. But don’t worry—there is no need to raise complex psychological issues. We recommend sharing simple ways to harmonize your community’s lives and boost productivity through hobbies.

To help you deliver your messages in the most impactful way, we’ve curated a thematic image collection dedicated to everyone’s favorite hobbies. Check it out to find top-notch visuals for any campaign and learn about the transformative power of popular pastimes.

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How hobbies contribute to well-being

1. Improve physical and mental health

Hobbies that involve physical activity can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. Outdoor pastimes have even more positive benefits. According to a study, spending 10 minutes or more in nature three times a week can reduce biological stress indicators by more than 20%. Other research has shown that 75% of participants had decreased cortisol levels after 45 minutes of creating art.

2. Stimulate the brain

Hobbies improve neuroplasticity, which causes our brains to build new neural pathways. It allows us to learn new information and skills. What’s more, some hobbies like doing puzzles can improve visual-spatial processing, problem-solving skills, short-term memory, and slow cognitive decline with age.

3. Prevent burnout

One of the most common causes of burnout is a lack of work-life balance. A hobby enables us to not only take a break from everyday activities and let our mind switch, but also allows us to prioritize our interests, which contributes to more life enjoyment.

4. Build self-esteem

Let’s say you go jogging. With each new run, you will feel stronger and more confident since a hobby is a commitment to yourself. A constant improvement of skills will also bring you a sense of accomplishment, which helps maintain healthy self-esteem.

5. Enhance social connections

In addition to the general benefits of hobbies, many team activities provide an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and become part of a community that creates added value. Such hobbies include book clubs, dancing, yoga, hiking, amateur theater, cooking classes, and more.

6. Boost creativity and performance

Hobbies allow you to show your talents and become a more versatile and interesting person. Moreover, they can encourage out-of-the-box thinking and improve performance. According to a study, having a hobby is associated with features such as a creative approach to projects and a better attitude at work.


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Discover Hobbies Collection


Final thoughts

There is no better way to build a strong connection with your audience than to communicate issues that matter to them. This month, we encourage you to address mental health, which is becoming increasingly vital. Show support for your audience by offering simple ways to improve their mindfulness and well-being through enjoyable hobbies. Make your messages eye-catching and compelling with authentic images from our featured collection.


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