Today, we’re witnessing a creative evolution that allows us to harness the power of artificial intelligence, revolutionizing the way we craft visual content for marketing materials, social media content, web designs, and other commercial projects. With the rise of AI image generators, we can access unprecedented efficiency and innovation in design workflows.

In addition to free AI design tools, business owners, marketers, and content creators can leverage AI art generators to streamline their creative processes and enhance audience engagement, brand building, and visual identity development. But with so many tools and platforms available, how do you choose the right one?

At Depositphotos, we have curated a selection of the best nine free and paid AI image generators for your business in 2024. Read on to learn more!

best AI image generators

What is an AI image generator?

An AI image generator is an AI-powered tool that transforms a text prompt into a visual. It leverages deep learning techniques and operates on algorithms trained on extensive image datasets to independently produce the best, most natural-looking results according to your written requests. It can generate visual content in various styles and genres, including realistic and abstract pictures, intricate patterns, and surreal compositions. Essentially, AI photo generators are a helping tool for business owners, designers, marketers, and content creators looking to streamline their creative workflow and quickly and efficiently bring their unique vision to life.

Top AI image generators for your creative projects

#1 Depositphotos AI Image Generator

Depositphotos AI Image Generator is the ultimate AI-powered tool for business creatives in 2024. Offering beginner-friendly features and an intuitive interface, it quickly analyzes your detailed image description and produces four unique pictures with a resolution of 2048×2048 pixels. You can choose one image or download them all. Considering that our AI-powered tool excludes copyrighted logos, objects, or elements that could jeopardize commercial integrity, it operates under copyright regulations and eliminates the risk of copyright infringement. You can use resulting visuals—distributed under the Standard royalty-free license—for advertising, marketing, web and app UI designs, product packaging, book design, and other digital and print applications.

Furthermore, Depositphotos AI Image Generator offers an exclusive licensing model, ensuring that images generated from your specific prompt are available only to you, safeguarding your creative vision and maintaining exclusivity. By purchasing one of our budget-friendly image download subscription plans, you can generate high-quality photos, illustrations, graphics, and other visual art. Each purchase grants you 50+ complimentary image generations with the tool.

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#2 DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3, developed by OpenAI, is one of the most popular artificial intelligence systems for image generation in 2024. It can easily translate textual descriptions into high-fidelity images and allows you to add as many details to the composition as needed. By holding a conversation with the AI model in ChatGPT-4 or ChatGPT-4o, you can create copyright-safe visuals suitable for personal and commercial projects, including advertisements, product packaging, web designs, magazine illustrations, and home or office decor.

Furthermore, since DALL-E 3 is available within the ChatGPT interface, you can brainstorm ideas and enhance your prompts by conversing with ChatGPT directly. You can also withhold the generated images from their public training dataset to ensure complete content exclusivity and security. DALL-E 3 is accessible under the ChatGPT Plus plan, which costs $20 per month.

best AI image generators

#3 Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the best AI art generators for businesses in 2024. Available in the Discord chat interface, this tool allows you to create visuals from text prompts and edit already-existing images. It utilizes powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to process each prompt and deliver the most accurate results. Once you provide a picture description to the tool, it will create four unique 1024×1024 compositions. Generation time depends on the chosen mode: Relax, Fast, or Turbo.

Depending on your subscription plan (Basic, Standard, Pro, or Mega), you get a different variety of concurrent generations and GPU time, which can impact the speed of your AI art generation. According to the Midjourney policy, you are the sole author of the content and can use the images you generate for any commercial project. However, if you use Midjourney to upscale another user’s artwork, its ownership belongs to that person, not you. Also, businesses with over $1,000,000 in gross revenue per year must purchase a Pro or Mega plan to legally own their generated visuals.

#4 Stable Diffusion 3

Stable Diffusion 3 is the latest AI image generator produced by Stability AI. It can process text-to-image inputs in under 40 seconds, generating images 1024×1024 in size. One of its most prominent features is that SD 3 is great for generating readable, long texts on visuals, which makes it a perfect tool for creating posters, marketing materials, banner ads, packaging designs, and other creative business projects. You can use the tool to streamline your design workflow and experiment with ideas and aesthetics.

Furthermore, Stable Diffusion 3 is favored for its prompt adherence, as its models can offer 800 million to 8 billion parameters. You can choose the model size that best suits your project’s requirements, whether you need faster processing times with a smaller model or more intricate image generation with higher scalability and quality. To use SD 3 commercially, you must register for access to the Stable Diffusion 3 API and acquire credits for AI image generation. 1,000 credits cost $10, which equals roughly 154 image generations.

#5 Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is among the most popular AI image-generation tools for creative professionals, as it seamlessly integrates with Adobe applications like Photoshop. Nonetheless, it can also be used as a standalone tool for commercial purposes. With Firefly Image 3, you can generate high-quality visuals, enhance photos, expand compositions, and use generative fill, redesigning chosen image elements and areas.

Furthermore, as a business with a set brand identity, you can upload existing designs to the tool, add prompts, and craft visuals that perfectly fit your company’s aesthetic and creative narrative. With a paid subscription that starts at $4.17 a month (billed annually), you get 100 monthly generative credits, watermark-free image generation, and access to storage.

best AI image generators

#6 Craiyon

Craiyon is a free-to-use AI art generator perfect for embracing your creative vision without breaking the bank. By typing out your prompt into the tool, you get nine visuals to choose from. Initially, images come in a base resolution of 256×256 pixels, and you can upscale them up to 1024×1024 pixels. You can try out as many prompts as you want, refining your ideas and generating various creative outputs until you achieve your desired visual.

All Craiyon generated images are legal for commercial usage in digital and print projects. However, when using the tool’s free version, you can only download watermarked files, and your pictures will be made publicly available. Additionally, you must credit the platform when using visuals commercially. These aspects can be avoided by purchasing a subscription plan that starts as low as $5 a month.

#7 DeepAI

DeepAI stands out as one of the best free AI image generators in 2024, providing numerous features for fine-tuning your photo generation output. It offers three generation models: Standard, HD, and Genius, where Genius is the newest addition that allows for more detail, better prompt adherence, and finer quality. Moreover, you can browse a selection of over 100 visual styles and choose the one that aligns with your creative vision and project requirements. The final step is choosing your desired image aspect ratio (shape); you can opt for 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 3:4, or 9:16.

Whether it’s a product packaging mockup, blog cover design, or logo element, DeepAI offers image versatility and customization options. The platform permits commercial usage of generated visuals and states that all created files are made available in the public domain. Purchasing the PRO plan ($4.99 per month) gives you API access, 500 AI photo generations, and 60 Genius Mode images.

#8 StarryAI

StarryAI is a popular free AI art generator that allows you to create 25 complimentary daily visuals suitable for commercial projects. Choosing from 1,000+ styles, you can generate images for social media campaigns, website banners, product presentations, and more. The StarryAI Prompt Builder tool can also help you develop a cohesive text prompt and tweak details to infuse creativity and detail. To satisfy diverse project requirements, Starry AI offers five canvas sizes, including square (1:1), landscape (4:3), wide (5:3), portrait (4:5), and mobile portrait (9:16).

By creating an account, you can store and revisit your creations, customize visuals and their styles, and purchase a subscription. With a paid plan, you get an increased number of image generations, including Fast mode, bulk creation, multiple concurrent jobs, image upscaling, and more.

best AI image generators

#9 Playground

Playground is a comprehensive AI image generator that allows unlimited creativity in visual content creation. After inputting a text prompt, you get an image you can further edit and customize to your business needs. The tool allows you to erase background details, generate new visual elements, expand an image over its edges, and color-correct specific areas to transform the scene. Furthermore, you can use its mixed image editing feature, where you can combine several visuals into one composition, making it easier to combine brand identity elements and create photorealistic product mockups.

Playground offers a free plan with 50 image generations per day (24-hour span) and limited feature usage. You can also choose a budget-friendly paid subscription with up to 2,000 images per day, 16 simultaneous photo generations, private mode, unlimited image dimensions of up to 1M pixels, and more. With Playground, you legally own generated visuals, making them exclusive, and can use pictures for printing purposes, brand materials, social media advertisement, and other commercial projects.

How can you efficiently use an AI image generator?

Besides choosing a tool that fits your creative needs and desired output levels, you can efficiently use an AI image generator by focusing on two key areas: mastering the prompt and leveraging available advanced features.

Mastering the prompt

To craft a comprehensive and effective AI image generation prompt, include detailed information about the desired subject matter, style preference, composition, colors, and any specific attributes or elements you want to see in the generated image.

Brainstorm the main idea and choose keywords that will form the foundation of your prompt. Use descriptive adjectives to set the envisioned mood and atmosphere. Words like “dreamlike,” “gritty,” or “majestic” can significantly influence AI’s interpretation. For dynamic scenes, you can use action verbs to depict movement or interaction between objects. Lastly, try out prompt variations by tweaking specific elements and refining the description.

Leveraging advanced features

Many AI image generators offer functionalities beyond basic image creation. You can erase unwanted elements (inpainting) or seamlessly expand the canvas to add new details (outpainting). Moreover, you can change styles, correct colors, alter backgrounds, manipulate perspective, and enhance resolution. Leveraging these advanced options, you get to unlock the full potential of AI image generators and create unique and impactful visuals for your business projects.

best AI image generators

3 fun prompts to try

1. Creative look on your product’s contents

Challenge the conventional product presentation by describing a scene that embraces the essence and contents of your product. For example: “A clear bottle of smoothie overflowing with colorful fruits and vegetables instead of liquid, for a brand of energy-boosting, immune-enhancing drinks. Style: surreal, vibrant, playful.”

2. Historical reimagining of your blog

Enhance your blog’s creative impact by placing it in a historical context. For example, “A printing press from the 15th century printing out blog posts on the topic of [Your blog’s main theme], highlighting the evolution of communication. Style: historical, detailed, thought-provoking.”

3. Metaphorical representation of your brand values

Capture your brand values and promise in a symbolic image. For example, “A tree with strong roots, vibrant leaves, and blooming flowers, symbolizing our company’s stability and growth. Style: minimalist, symbolic, hopeful.”

Summing up

The emergence of AI image generators has transformed visual content creation, offering businesses creative efficiency and innovation. With the tools presented in this article, you can swiftly craft high-quality AI art and photos, safe and ready to be used in your commercial projects. Employ your most ingenious text-to-image prompts and let the best AI image generators of 2024 bring your creative vision to life.

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