Subscriptions: more possibilities, less restrictions!

Depositphotos has been working to improve its customer service since the very beginning. We want to offer our users more possibilities, and fewer restrictions! This time we have two bits of news to share with you: once understand them, you will be able to take full advantage of our site.

A recent change allows our buyers to upgrade their current subscription plans by simply purchasing an additional subscription. Your new subscription will no longer block your previous subscription; instead, the daily limits of your different subscription plans will simply be combined. Both subscriptions will be automatically renewed, independently from one another, until they are canceled by users. This innovation enables our customers to download more images at cost-effective prices.

Introduction: Editorial Use Only on Depositphotos

Depositphotos offers more possibilities to its customers! One of the latest innovations is “Editorial Use Only” stock images. The demand for images from this category is so high that it begins to exceed our Stock photo agency’s on-hand supplies.

“Editorial Use Only” images are intended for use by news outlets, bloggers, publishers and editors to illustrate current, newsworthy material. The growth of mass media fuels the demand for colorful and interesting content for contemporary reading audiences. The images in this category can be used only for printed material, TV and online mass media, to illustrate newsworthy events. Such images are only suitable for non-commercial use.

Editorial Use Only

Happy Birthday to National Geographic Society!

Today is the 122th Birthday of the National Geographic Society, one of the largest non-profit educational and scientific institutions in the world. It has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. Its interests include geography, archeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.

National Geographic

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