Color of the month: Red

Red is the color of ambitions and power, and for the longest time, commoners could never wear it. Historically, the red cloth was a symbol of wealth and status, because the dye was extracted from expensive cochineal, worth its weight in gold.

Medieval Red Door © Depositphotos

Medieval Red Door © Depositphotos / William Attard McCarthy

Remember the postcards

The world’s first postcard, called a “Correspondence card,” was issued in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on October 1, 1869. Unlike our present postcards, they didn’t feature any illustrations. In the early 1870s, soldiers of the French and German armies began to add their own photos to the postcards they sent to their relatives.

Antique postcard with Lily flower design in vector © Depositphotos / Pavel Sivak

Random Acts of Kindness day

Do you think you are a good person? How often do you help strangers? Can you boast about your good deeds? It doesn’t matter what your answer is, today you are simply obliged to perform random acts of kindness, so that’s why the Random Acts of Kindness day was invented!

Young man assisting old lady © Depositphotos

Young man assisting old lady © Depositphotos / photography33

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