Depositphotos’ weekly review: December 24.

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Christmas background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos |  aviany

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2012

We’ve been waiting for this day for a long while, expecting that everyday life would be finally interrupted by the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans. However, it happened to be just another Friday… Don’t get upset! We’ve got a special apocalyptic selection of images by our contributors right here for you!

Businessman with gas mask watching TV | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Luciano De polo

High Five! 5 favorite illustration subjects of Aleksandra Marjanovic

High Five! would like to introduce Depositphotos’ contributor Aleksandra Marjanovic (also known as AlessandraM), who has kindly agreed to share her favorite illustration subjects. Continue reading in order to get a little inspiration!

1. Beauty and fashion. Drawing is my passion since childhood. I do really like to draw people, especially beautiful women with beautiful dresses.

Fashion Woman Portrait | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | AlessandraM

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