The Digital Decade: join the contest from Depositphotos and Designcollector!

Designcollector Network, one of the first blogs of the 21st century to introduce talented designers from Russia to the worldwide public, invites you to celebrate its tenth anniversary!

Acknowledging the significance of Designcollector’s contribution to the development of innovative design ideas, Depositphotos encourages you to participate in our joint contest. The authors of the winning design projects will receive the great gadgets that will definitely help them create even cooler works, in addition to Depositphotos’ subscriptions; Designcollector, in its turn, will publish their works in its print magazine printed magazine DCMAG#3.The best 15 works will be exhibited at the OFFF 2013 Barcelona festival.

PhotoShop World Blog

Hello from Orlando, Florida! Depositphotos has just finished exhibiting at this year’s PhotoShop World  that took place between April 16-19. We are so excited to have had such a successful show and to have met such passionate and enthusiastic photo lovers like ourselves!

Here I am with some “Big Shots” outside of the convention hall.

Depositphotos’ monthly review: March, 2013

Top 15 searched Keywords of the Month:

Beauty, Animals, Business, Vintage, Background, Woman, Architecture, People, Nature, Art Objects, Computers, Concepts, Easter, Education, Fauna.

Best seller of the Month:

Abstract background | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | frbird

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