We keep hearing about the times of uncertainty over and over again. It becomes challenging to maintain a good routine, nevermind staying motivated enough to create. In light of current events, know that many people working in the creative industry are in the same boat as you. You’re not alone. Along with other photographers and artists, you can take on new projects to help you get through this slump. 

Today Depositphotos is launching #LockdownArt – a campaign to help motivate photographers and other artists to create despite being in confinement. As a result, the images will be shared with millions of clients as we promote the works. 

It’s not the time to give up because you can put an artist on lockdown but you can’t lock down their talent. 

About #LockdownArt

We want to create a collection and include your works created in these months. As you’re shooting images of your surroundings and trying to stay creative, upload them to Depositphotos to join this project. 

  1. Become a Depositphotos contributor
  2. Upload your works
  3. Tag each upload with #LockdownArt
  4. We’ll create a photo collection for this project to share with our clients

We want to feature your works in a special collection to share with millions of clients around the world. Many of them are on the lookout for new talent. Your new images and your Depositphotos portfolio could be purchased and recognized by dozens of people on the lookout for similar images. 

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Share your best work

Share with us your best work for the #LockdownArt project. We want to see a new play on light (even if you’re stuck at home, emotions, struggles, movements, textures, your mixed media work – we want to see it all). In joining #LockdownArt, you’ll motivate others like yourself to continue shooting despite the limitations and frustrations. 

LockdownArt Campaign depositphotos


And we’ll share your work with clients

Depositphotos content curators put together collections on a weekly basis. We share our collections with clients during holidays, and all the important events and occasions. This time around, we want to show them something completely different and inspiring. Your works will have a chance to be featured in our special collection created by all the artists that continue exploring their craft during a lockdown. 

Supporting ArtistsWith the Depositphotos #LockdownArt Campaign


Discover a new source of income

Think of all the images in your archive. Are they collecting digital dust in hidden folders and on your desktop? Becoming a contributor with Depositphotos can give all your images a chance to be recognized and used in various works. Your portfolio of images on Depositphotos can become your new source of income. 

Is a lockdown really going to stop you?

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