Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th and, after Easter, it is definitely one of the most important occasions this spring. During tough times we’re all going through right now, this holiday is an opportunity to bring more happiness and joy into the lives of your audiences. It is also a chance to give your brand a human face and show your existing and potential clients that you care for them. 

Your message can be simple and clear: whatever’s happening in the world, there’s one important thing you shouldn’t forget this spring – thank your Mom. As nothing speaks better than relevant visuals in marketing, we share a carefully-curated collection of Mother’s Day images that you can use for your thematic online projects. 

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Holiday marketing during quarantine 

When it comes to creating a key message for your holiday marketing campaign, it has to be simple, concise, and catchy. Ideally, it should fit in one sentence and consist of up to seven words to make sure that the audience quickly grasps the message. This rule works regardless of the times, while with marketing activities the situation is different. 

Given the state of affairs, Mother’s Day marketing might require more sophistication this year. As venues are closed and the majority of people are on lockdown, the amount of channels to carry out the campaign has decreased. Traditional tools such as billboards or flyers are almost useless at the moment. The world’s gone digital and you should adapt as well. 

In brief, there are 9 things your business can do to survive today:

  1. Use technology to make your products or services accessible to global audiences
  2. Explore new communication channels
  3. Strengthen your brand message by means of user-generated content
  4. Consider customers’ emotions when creating sales funnels
  5. Discover the potential of VSEO (voice search optimization)
  6. Integrate conversational marketing into your strategy
  7. Opt for long-form content when it comes to content marketing
  8. Stay flexible
  9. Keep an eye on trends

You can find more ideas and tips on the topic in our complete guide to the changes brands should adapt to survive today.  


Mother’s Day images for your thematic projects

Having decided on holiday marketing activities and your message, it’s time to choose visuals that would help you appeal to your audiences in the most effective way. Here are seven types of images every Mother can relate to. 

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Thank you, Mom, for always taking care!

Beautiful family portrait

Thank you, Mom, for being so funny!

stock picture of little girl laughing

Thank you, Mom, for your endless love!

stock photo mother kissing daughter

Thank you, Mom, for being patient! 

a cheerful mother and a joyful stock photo

Thank you, Mom, for multitasking like a pro!

stock image of mother using a computer

Thank you, Mom, for choosing only the best!

Pregnant woman life stock photo

Thank you, Mom, for being the greatest lead!

View from below of a mother and five kids stacking their hands

You still have a month to go so try to invest your time and efforts into coming up with interesting ideas. Use Mother’s Day images from our collection and remember that the extra effort you put in your marketing activities will help your brand come out of this crisis even stronger (and with a larger pool of loyal clients). 

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