Searching for photography tips and tricks that really work and most likely will inspire you to experiment with your snapshots might take hours. You’d definitely like to better use this time to master your skills and just find the ultimate article to help you do that. We teamed up with Pixpa, a platform to create photography portfolios, to bring you a list of articles on the best photography tips and tricks you can bookmark and turn to whenever you need advice.


10 articles with the best photography tips and tricks

 1. 10 Fun and Useful Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Did you know that the first rule of food photography is approaching it when you’re not hungry? Otherwise, a desire to try the mouthwatering dishes might take over common sense and you won’t get any images to add to your photography portfolio.  

Jokes aside, now we all have an amazing opportunity to master food photography skills. Take advantage of the time while on lockdown and turn your kitchen into a playground. Try to discover how you can use your cutlery and tableware to add layers to your shots. You can also opt for simpler and minimalistic food photography but play with camera settings to get the perfect photos in low light conditions. 

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vegan food

2. 15 Top Tips on How to Master Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is more than just taking a good snap. It’s about translating the author’s vision, as well as communicating with a model who might not always like or be ready to pose. Portrait photography is a complex genre that requires the knowledge of techniques, from basic ones (angles and composition) to more advanced (lighting and post-processing). 

Also, this genre encourages photographers to break the rules creatively and to never stop mastering the art of taking portraits.

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3. Night Photography Tips for Sharp and Beautiful Shots

However challenging it might be in the conditions of the pandemic, night photography gives you a lot of room for self-improvement. Before going out on a hunt for breathtaking shots, you should sort out how the manual mode works and what it has to offer. You should learn to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture manually because when you nail down the exposure triangle, you’ll be able to get stunning long exposure images. 

Night photography is extremely tricky for beginners but once you learn to work in low light conditions, day time photography will be just a piece of cake for you.

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4. A  Beginner’s Guide to Family Photography

Family photography is another genre you can delve deeper into while stuck at home. You can explore the best photography tips and tricks and use your family shots not only for your archives but also for your portfolio. Easily signed model release here. 

The secret of family photography lies in taking candid photos. It is about getting a perfect combination of natural poses, new perspectives, and the right lighting. Home is definitely the right place for that as “models” will be relaxed, you’ll be able to get creative with a familiar location, and it’s spring outside if you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space.

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5. Street Photography Tips to Make the Most of a Boring Location

Every location you think is ‘boring’ is only seemingly such. If you accustom yourself to notice new sights with a shift in perspective, the town or city you’ve spent your entire life in might take on new colors and shine in a whole other light.  

When you’re strolling the city or simply going to buy some groceries, try to look for interesting patterns, a unique theme or an inspiring story you’d like to tell. Plan a street photography project while on lockdown and when we’re back to normal life, get lost in the city and finally make the most of a ‘boring’ location.

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6. 12 Great Tips to Master Still Life Photography

Still life photography is a fundamental skill for every professional and if you want to master it, there’s no better time than now. As this genre translates into many other fields, the photography tips and tricks you’ll learn will be useful when you experiment with food, product, or fine art photography. 

To a large extent, still life photography is about lighting so if you have some equipment and props at home, you can still master your skills and experiment for more unconventional shots.

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7. Popular Travel Photography Tips and Trends

The pandemic has disrupted our plans for this spring and summer but we still have autumn and winter to go. At least in your mind, you can plan a journey you’d like to take in the future and come up with new photography projects. Here are some ideas you might want to reinterpret and later include in your creative portfolio or share on your photography blog: 

  • follow the latest photography trend and take a series of vertical travel shots
  • tell a story of your weekend getaway to the countryside or seashore
  • test other formats like loop video or timelapse
  • ditch the DSLR and capture candid and authentic travel photos with a film camera

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Popular Travel Photography Tips And Trends

8. Product Photography: Top 6 Tips for Beginners

Visuals greatly influence consumer behavior, therefore it is so important to know basic product photography tips and tricks for every professional. If you already have a DSLR in your arsenal, you can practice your skills even from the comforts of your home. You can start by setting up a backdrop and move further to learning the popular methods for product photography lighting.

Product photography also requires retouching and, of course, basic editing skills to adjust the lighting, remove imperfections, blur the background, and do other tweaks.

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9.  10 Practical Tips on Architectural Photography

Architecture photography can be stressful sometimes, as you may freak out of distortion, get annoyed by crowds of people, and get irritated by weather conditions. However, if you’re familiar with the basic architectural photography tips and tricks, your experience with this genre will be more fulfilling than tense. 

What’s even more inspiring in the current situation is that architectural photography is not only outdoors but indoors. Do you find your porch, terrace or hall photogenic? Then why not experiment with architectural photography without leaving your comfort zone. Take some time to study the intricacies of the interiors and exteriors of your home.

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10. A Complete Guide to Underwater Photography  

During quarantine take your time to create a plan of how to bring your photography to a whole new level. Learn everything there is to learn about new genres you haven’t experimented with. Get some gear, master your skills, and dive into the world of underwater photography as soon as you’ll have an opportunity to do so. 

This genre is especially interesting as you can get some breathtaking images while freediving and snorkeling but also learn scuba diving for more professional and sophisticated shots. You can also explore the marine environment and subjects of underwater photos like wildlife. 

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Choose a genre or a couple of genres you’d like to master your photography skills in and try to make the most of the time which you have to spend at home during quarantine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a given location as sometimes even the most common and familiar things and surprise us with what they have to offer. As for the rest, explore your options for the near future so you’re equipped to take on new challenges once life is back to normal. 

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