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There’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious sandwich. In honor of National Sandwich Day on November 3, we decided to round up the best sammie from every state, be it a beloved local delicacy or part of the state’s history. From a classic grilled cheese to something called a “horseshoe,” these are the 50 most famous sandwiches across America.

Best sandwiches from every state

America’s favorite sandwiches | Stock Photo © Business insider | Megan Willet

8 stunning HDR processed images by our contributor Felix Pergande and a point to discuss

What is the appeal of HDR processing? Perhaps, the answer is hidden in the abbreviation itself. The ability and desire to take Higher Dynamic Range images is something that has been with us for a long time (in 1850 legendary Gustave Le Gray managed to render a seascape via two different negatives, where both – bright sky and dark sea – were showing the same intensity level). And yet, we still feel uneasy about it. HDR is widely considered by some a cheat of some sort or an attempt to exaggerate the importance of a depicted subject. Others are perfectly content with altering whatever comes out of their cameras to the point of complete and utter incognizance – with help of HDR processing, of course, and in many cases the final result is stunningly beautiful. There’s one thing, in our opinion, that’s beyond a shadow of a doubt: HDR processed imagery is a genre of photography and an art form whose heyday is now. To prove our point we’ve selected just a tiny few out many great HDR processed images by our contributor Felix Pergande (unkreatives) and, although the series of abandoned buildings is pretty grim, the conclusion it affirms – our conclusion – is very life-asserting. Enjoy and feel free to write us at if you agree or think we’re full of it or.

Staircases in an abandoned complex

 Staircases in an abandoned complex | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Felix Pergande

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