Lunch Time Reading: Our Top 5 Picks Off The Web For You!

Depositphotos. Reader's DigestIt can be exhausting – sifting through the Web, searching for something to both entertain and educate oneself. Well, we’ve decided to help and cherry picked for you a few examples of what in our view could make a great lunch time reading. Watch videos, look at pictures, read articles and let’s have something to talk about later!

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Poker Chips


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CANON vs. NIKON: We Want A Piece Of The Action Too!


Analog or digital? CD or vinyl? East Coast or West Coast? These are just a few battles which have been fought for decades, and so far, neither side is letting up. Of course, far be it from us to decide who is to bag a win in another epic stand-off – CANON vs. NIKON – but we thought that the least we could do for posterity is to find out who has more to say on the subject, and which side is more socially active. We begin with the basics from Jim Fisher – the staff writer for and probably one of the most knowledgeable people ever to cover this controversial topic. Read on, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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