The Digital Decade Contest: 12 Works-in-Progress

On May 28, we will name the winners of The Digital Decade contest organized by Designcollector and Depositphotos. The results will be published in our blog and in the upcoming DCMAG#3 Special Edition. A dozen illustrations will travel to Barcelona to meet the audience at OFFF Festival Barcelona in June.

In early May, our jury selected 30 artists to come up with some visual thoughts about the past decade and also project into the future. Now, when there are only a matter of hours left until the deadline, we’d like to share a gallery of 12 works-in-progress kindly provided by our talented contenders.


Depositphotos’ monthly review: April, 2013

Top 15 searched Keywords of the Month:

Woman, Art, Clip, Background, Girl, Christmas, Business, Sexy, Abstract, Tree, Water, Hair, 3d, Vintage, Flower.

Best seller of the Month:

Portrait of smiling woman resting her chin on hand | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Yuri_Arcurs

Clashot at #sfbeta: in love with San Francisco!

It is always wonderful to visit San Francisco. There is something about the city that makes you feel welcomed, almost at home. Plus, the creative energy and innovation thrive in this city making it a perfect destination for Depositphotos to exhibit in. So when Depositphotos received word of the event #sfbeta, iOS edition, we jumped at the opportunity to venture out and promote our newest application, Clashot.

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