Featuring: 5 Food Cartoonists On Depositphotos


Sasha Aliabiev from Moldova is a great cartoonist deserving of a wider audience. His work is not very conventional, so to speak, but his uniqueness is exactly what we appreciate about his art. In his portfolio you’ll find everything: from cute food loving gnomes to weird alien cupcakes. Enjoy!

Freebie of the Week: New Vector Image from Depositphotos!

Cheers, all! It’s that time of the week again: We’re giving away an awesome retro infographics set from one of our most venerable contributors, ClassyCatStudio. The image speaks for itself, and to see everything else our friends at ClassyCatStudio have to offer, click and behold!


map of the world gaming controls | Stock Vector @ Depositphotos | Vektorwerk

Free vector image of the week from Depositphotos

Every week Depositphotos invites you to download one of its premium-quality vector images free-of-charge.
Download this naughty squirrel through July 25, 2013, and feel free to use it in your projects!

Free Vector Image, July 17

cartoon squirrel holding nuts. | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | Vectorwerk 

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