How’s your preparation for 2022 going? Have you been spending hours and hours on marketing research?

One key element you should consider while making new plans and decisions is color. Why? Because it’s an important marketing tool and a powerful medium for communication. Also, it matters when it comes to product development.

Luckily, there are color trends that you can rely on. And we’re here to share one of them with you.

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What is the color of 2022?

Sherwin-Williams, an influential American paint brand, has announced its color of the year. It’s called Evergreen Fog, and it’s a shade of gray-green. According to their director of color Sue Wadden, it is a symbol of growth, rebirth, and joy. There’s no doubt this is exactly what people all around the world need.

On one hand, this is a nod to modernism and growing nostalgia for it. On the other hand, it’s a timely response to certain trends of the past, such as cottagecore. Evergreen Fog is universal and versatile. It can be a strong main color, but it can also work well with others.

How to use the color of the year?

Demonstrate how it can be used in home design

Elegant livingroom

Make a cold winter cozy

Nature in winter

Share ideas for long, dark evenings

Book and flowers

Encourage cooking at home

Homemade dumplings

Create a calm, yet festive atmosphere

Christmas decorations


Celebrate new beginnings

Glass of apple cider

Show flexible work-from-home options

Man working in nature

Show the beauty in simple things

Eucalyptus and candles

Make office life more welcoming

Smiling man at work

Encourage spending time in nature

Northern nature

Celebrate family and friends

Chocolate cupcake

Implement it in your product designs

Dark green plates

Share healthy lifestyle tips

Woman serving kale

Provide travel inspiration

Train on a viaduct

Celebrate long-awaited spring

Tree blossoms

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As we approach the end of another extremely stressful year, it’s vital for companies to support your community. Using calm and soothing colors is one of the ways to do that. Green traditionally represents nature and revitalization, and implementing Evergreen Fog can help you provide some solace and support through content or products.

Explore our Evergreen Fog photo and video collection to celebrate new beginnings and growth!

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