Building a community and nurturing it is as important as ever. Another pandemic year is coming to an end, and the holidays are approaching, so it’s time for all of us to think about the people around us, our plans, and the choices that we make.

This holiday season, the Vista family, including Depositphotos, is launching Vista Shop Small. Vista’s mission is to support small, local businesses all year round, and this initiative is a way to encourage its employees to join the movement. To make it happen, Vista will reimburse $50 to every member for shopping at a company of their choice. In total, the company has allocated over $350,000 to fund this particular campaign.

Shopping locally instead of globally can have a significant positive impact on everyone living in a certain area. A higher number of successful small businesses means more service and product options, higher quality, and more jobs. According to the Small Business Administration, when you spend $100 at a major retailer, only $14 will stay in the community you live in, compared to $48 when you choose a local small business.

Vista is a global, remote-first company with almost 7,000 team members in 25 countries all around the world. Thus, Shop Small will give a boost to not only one community, but to multiple in different areas of the world.

Being part of the Vista family now, our colleagues at Depositphotos are very excited about Shop Small. We asked some of them what they think about the initiative and what influences their decision-making process before the purchase.

Olga, People Partner 

Middle-aged woman

“It’s great that such generous initiatives exist, as they are all about care, support, and help. I appreciate working for a company that wants to do something meaningful and kind on top of corporate interests. I value actions over words: one can talk about helping small businesses or just do it.

I have already made my choice – a board game by a particular manufacturer. People have put their hearts and souls into its creation, and I like that it’s unique instead of being just another mass-produced copy. I adore small local businesses; they tend to have a highly developed service culture. Thanks to a Telegram bot, I was able to try playing the game and see whether I enjoyed it before making a purchase. There’s a ton of really great products in Ukraine, so every one of us will be able to find something that resonates with them.”

Anton, Head of Portuguese Sales Direction

Young man

“Vista Shop Small is a great initiative that can give local brands a boost. Small businesses tend to face challenges that are not easy to overcome without support. And unfortunately, most good companies of that size shut down in the early stages. We know that the pandemic has had a major impact on small businesses, so any support is critical right now. As a consumer, I am delighted by this initiative because the more small and middle-range companies there are on the market, the better the quality of services and products is. Also, it has a positive impact on the number of jobs. There are only advantages! I wish there were more initiatives like this.

First and foremost, I will consider those brands whose products I have already bought and liked. It’s important to me to choose companies that abide by the law and provide high-quality services or products. I want talented entrepreneurs in need of support to get it. I often discover small Ukrainian brands that are trying to create something new — these are the projects that I would like to support the most. Ukraine has a lot of local manufacturers and high-quality products in Ukraine, so there’s a great selection to choose from.”

Liubov, Contributors Relationship Manager

Female selfie

“The importance of supporting small businesses has been discussed more and more for the past few years. It’s especially meaningful in countries with tax-related issues and corruption, where small businesses face way more challenges on their path to growth than bigger ones. Some of my friends are entrepreneurs, and I often hear stories about the difficulties they have to overcome, so I’m always happy to support them. Even if it’s just a repost on social media. I was immediately drawn to the opportunity that Vista Shop Small provides. I didn’t need to look for something to buy, I made my choice based on my wishlist.   

I care about a brand’s authenticity and originality. I look for a meaning and a story behind a company. I don’t like it when people just copy something that already exists abroad. I appreciate unique ideas: atypical jewelry, specialty coffee that you cannot find anywhere outside of Ukraine, or laptop cases created in collaboration with Ukrainian artists. This is what makes a brand stand out among others and encourages me to support it.”

Tetiana, Localization Manager

Young woman

“I love local brands, and I often choose them when I buy something, so I like this initiative. It shows that a large international company, such as Vista, cares about Ukraine and our people, and is willing to support us. It means a lot!

I try selecting brands that do not only provide excellent products, but also support and promote topics that are important to me. For example, feminism or sustainability. Making my choice will be easy because I always look for new small businesses, I listen to recommendations made by the community around me, and I regularly update my wishlist.”

Michael, Affiliate Marketing Manager

Male selfie

“I think that it’s an awesome initiative. When I buy new clothes or accessories, I’m always eager to support Ukrainian brands. Also, I have been doing it for a while with food because it’s hard to compete with Ukraine in this area. In general, I think that supporting local businesses is undoubtedly important, but especially now.

I will make my decision based on several factors: legal, ecological, and social. I will most probably choose between personal care products or a small bakery near my home.”

Wrapping up

If you’re inspired to support small businesses and your local community, keep in mind that there are numerous ways to do it. You can run a small experiment and shop locally for 24 hours. Leave a review whenever you have a positive experience with a local business. And tip more if that’s an option that is available to you. Shop small and take care this holiday season!

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