YouTube vs. Vimeo: the pros and cons of the two best video services

Youtube Vs. Vimeo

In just eight short years YouTube has grown from an experimental video platform to an international mega community with hundreds of millions of contributors putting up videos of various quality and appeal every second. Vimeo, however, is much younger and smaller but it seems a lot more circumspect when selecting videos for display, giving its users a better frame to panache ratio. So, is it really a fair question to ask, which one is better?

Free vector of the week: Set of infographic elements

Getting ready to summarize the year? Well, it’s gonna take a lot of infographics to put the right accents on the right things. Hopefully, this week’s treat from ClassyCatStudios will help!

Set of infographic elements

Set of infographic elements | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio


Pop Quiz Answers: name all 25 apps

Copy paste keyboard - plagiarist tool

Copy paste keyboard (plagiarist tool) | Stock Photo © Depositphotos |Sielan

Since our friend and fan Anna Lee was the first to nail all 25 apps on our Facebook page, we’re gonna save ourselves some typing time and do the old copy-paste from Anna’s post. Here are her answers to the yesterday’s pop quiz:

  1. 1
  2. ...
  3. 26
  4. 27
  5. 28
  6. ...
  7. 95