The “MONDAY CONTEST” Winner and the theme for this week’s competition is “MY GRANNY’S HOUSE”!

Enter To Win 3 Red Dice Contest Winning Entry

Enter To Win 3 Red Dice Contest Winning Entry | Stock Photo © Depositphotos|  iqoncept

Below is the highly HARMONIUOS image by our contributor Cristina Sferra (Crisferra) is a definitive winner of the “HARMONY” competition we announced last Monday. We’ve received quite a few entries, and yet a mere glance at this particular photograph – and the constant jack-hammering outside the office window, which has been driving us crazy all week, is instantly silenced. Huzzah!

Houses on the lake

This week’s theme is going to be MY GRANNY’S HOUSE, so get cracking and we hope to see your entry soon! For the rules and how to enter follow this link.

Happy Friday: meet 5 newcomers to Depositphotos!

Meet the 5 newcomers to Depositphotos that we’ve gotten to know a little better over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, sharp and witty urban landscapes, fun cartoons, cute Halloween characters and remnants of summer will put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Aerial view of a wooden boat in the sea in Chalkidiki

Aerial view of a wooden boat in the sea in Chalkidiki | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Vasilis Ververidis

YouTube vs. Vimeo: the pros and cons of the two best video services

Youtube Vs. Vimeo

In just eight short years YouTube has grown from an experimental video platform to an international mega community with hundreds of millions of contributors putting up videos of various quality and appeal every second. Vimeo, however, is much younger and smaller but it seems a lot more circumspect when selecting videos for display, giving its users a better frame to panache ratio. So, is it really a fair question to ask, which one is better?

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