We’re introducing the Revival Project on the eve of Ukraine’s Independence Day (August 24); this is significant for Depositphotos as our team consists of many Ukrainians. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the lives of Ukrainians have changed drastically. Many citizens lost their homes, families, and a feeling of safety.

Attempts to break the free spirit of the nation were not successful, however, russians turned to destroying Ukraine’s cultural heritage. Constant shelling and attacks have greatly damaged over 450 buildings, monuments, and streets, threatening the future of the country.

We’ve been standing for Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. Today, in partnership with META HISTORY museum and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, we launch a new thematic project to help recover destroyed cultural sites and return millions a feeling of home.

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The Revival Project: Explore Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage, Local Community Stories, and NFT Artworks for Purchase

Dive into documentary photos, personal site-related stories from local creatives, and buy multiple-purchase NFT artworks to contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Although the war in Ukraine has been distressing, our thoughts of tomorrow are full of hope. Our task is to join efforts with artists and our creative community to recover Ukrainian architecture for future generations.

Explore the project


What’s inside?

Examples of architectural sites before and after shelling

Each destroyed building has exceptional cultural value and extreme importance to the entire nation. Among them are the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre in Mariupol, Central House of Culture in Irpin, Historical and Local History Museum in Ivankiv, and many more. There are also personal stories behind these sites that mark special events or memories among local artists.


Stories by the Ukrainian creative community

We spoke to artists, designers, photographers, and content creators who were born and raised in different Ukrainian cities to share their personal stories. Each of them has unique memories of destroyed cultural sites, and has contributed to Ukrainian culture before and during the war.

  • Sergey Melnitchenko, photographer, founder of MYPH School of Conceptual and Art Photography
  • Ola Otog, co-founder, creative director, and designer at Otog Studio
  • Nina Murashkina, artist, creates sensual and metaphorical works built on her own sexuality and empirical knowledge of herself
  • Zhanna Yenikieieva, painter, illustrator
  • Sergii Rodionov, creative director; co-founder of “Mriia”, an initiative for the future of Ukraine; co-founder of consulting agency “Sergii Dima”; author of “Re: Mariupol”, the reconstruction manifesto of the city
  • Kyrylo Beskorovayny, co-founder of “Kunsht”, the first popular Ukrainian media combining science and art, and author of “My dark matter friend”
  • Mark Otog, designer, co-founder at Otog Studio
  • Olesia Trofymenko, artist, worked on numerous Ukrainian films and created the setting for the Dior autumn-winter 2022-2023 show
  • Rimma Milenkova, artist, candidate of pedagogical sciences, art manager, and curator of BureauArt Gallery
  • Alina Ponomarenko, artist, author of collages for ELLE Ukraine, Prada, and other brands
  • Darya Bassel, film producer, programmer and curator of the industry platform of the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights “Docudays UA” (Kyiv)
  • Oleg Semak, artist, illustrator

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Charity NFT artworks

Seven independent Ukrainian artists created 30+ unique thematic NFTs, in which they share their artistic vision of the future of destroyed cultural sites. They all have a special connection with these cultural sites, and this makes their works deeply personal. With incredible fortitude and bravery, they all imagine a hopeful future for Ukraine.

Artworks are available for multiple purchases on META HISTORY museum. Access to each of the six thematic series from the NFT collection will be open gradually. All funds raised will be transferred to the crypto wallet of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.


Buy NFTs to support Ukraine’s culture


Together, we can help with the reconstruction of Ukraine’s heritage and return millions a feeling of home. Let’s show the world the power of solidarity!


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