People want to be happy. We all may want different things in life, but at the end of the day, the pursuit of happiness is what we all have in common. But is there any universal key to happiness? Constantly ranking among the happiest in the world, it looks like Scandinavian countries know the answer.

Lagom, Hygge, Friluftsliv, and Lykke are key principles of the Scandinavian lifestyle. The philosophy behind them influences a person’s quality of life and mental well-being. One can say that implementing them into one’s daily routine is a shortcut to a more mindful and happy life.

As these four words come up in lifestyle trends more often, we prepared special curated collections with photos and videos dedicated to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Connect with your audience and increase engagement by using this theme in your upcoming campaigns. Your social media posts, newsletter, and ads will draw attention by associating with small life pleasures and happiness. Keep reading to learn more about Lagom, Hygge, Friluftsliv, and Lykke principles, and integrate them into your marketing activities!

How and why to integrate Scandinavian aesthetics in your brand communication


Lagom is a Swedish concept that means moderation in everyday life, and literally translates as “just enough.” Whether in terms of consuming food or electricity, lagom is about maintaining a balance in your needs, so you can live in harmony with yourself and the world.

It’s a practical philosophy that helps focus on essential things and eliminates all unnecessary distractions. It makes life a bit easier and more fulfilled once you implement it into your everyday routine. The perfect words to describe how we can integrate lagom principles into daily practice are reduce, reuse, and recycle. Yet, lagom is not about depriving yourself of pleasures, but rather about sticking to the right amount of everything — not too much, not too little.

If you want to build a closer connection with your audience, show that you care about them and their well-being. Give them a chance to think about balance in their life by using lagom-themed content, whether you’re running a green initiative as a part of your corporate social responsibility program or a regular seasonal campaign. Browse this thematic collection to find photos and videos—your audience will appreciate the effort.

Lagom collection


Friluftsliv comes from Norway; it means spending as much time outdoors as possible. No wonder the literal translation of the world is “living open-air.” The concept aims to show the importance of connecting with nature by embracing it differently — on a short walk during a lunch break or while doing any outdoor activities. Walking, climbing, enjoying the Northern Lights, or sipping your morning coffee — it doesn’t matter what you do unless you are surrounded by nature.

Scandinavians believe that by appreciating and deepening our relationship with nature, we can achieve physical and mental well-being. Friluftsliv helps us get away from a digital lifestyle and spend more time thinking about things that really matter.

Inspire your audience to leave the house and go for a walk by using friluftsliv aesthetics in your next project. It will show that you care about your clients’ psychological needs, helping you increase engagement and build a positive company image. Last but not least, your audience will thank you once a happy smile appears on their face after embracing fresh air and engaging in outdoor activities.

Friluftsliv collection


Lykke originates from Denmark, where it refers to finding a state of inner peace and happiness. How can one achieve it? The Danish answer would be: switching off notifications and spending time with others. The philosophy behind the lykke concept teaches us that establishing a deep connection with surrounding people helps find harmony within our own minds.

The lykke philosophy says — if you feel like you’ve had enough, take a break from what tires you! Invite friends over, talk to a random stranger, or play with a cat — being kind to others increases the chances of being more kind to yourself. Every new connection can help you discover something new — let your audience know that you’re also open to engaging with them.

Build strong relationships with your clients by integrating lykke aesthetics into your social media communication or seasonal projects. Ensure that your content is relevant to your audience and meets their emotional expectations. Use this collection of carefully curated visuals to create appealing content and achieve your marketing goals.

Lykke collection


Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about hygge yet? We doubt it. The Scandinavian concept of “coziness” has been around for quite a while, but it’s not getting old. It encourages people to enjoy small things in life, such as lighting candles or wrapping themselves in a blanket while reading their favorite book. It’s about creating a cozy environment where you can relax and instantly forget daily problems and stress.

Creating a warm atmosphere of hygge engenders inner feelings of contentment and happiness. Yet, it’s not about buying expensive or excessive decor, but turning your home into a personal space where you feel safe and comfortable.

As autumn days become gloomier and colder, people look for something to alleviate feelings of melancholy, sadness, or depression. Think about creating a special project or having a social media makeover. Look into our hygge collection of images and videos to find inspiration and add a coziness to your brand communication.

Hygge collection

To wrap it up

Lagom, Hygge, Friluftsliv, and Lykke explain why Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world. It’s a good thing that everyone can follow by example. Be present and enjoy small moments of happiness (either under a blanket with a cup of tea, or during a long walk through a park with a friend).

To appeal to your audience, try to remind them about the little things in life that can make them happier. By invoking common needs, you can nurture your brand community and build a strong connection with your clients.

Look into our collections of thematic photos and videos to find inspiration and integrate Scandinavian aesthetics into your future projects. Look through dozens of files to find ones that will resonate with your target audience.

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