On the brink of the new 20s, visuals are the most effective tool of communication. They can help you appeal to your audience, build brand awareness, and transform the new clients into loyal ones. However, these are not the only perks you can get when communicating with photos, illustrations, and videos. Visuals can also encourage people to buy more and spread the word about your brand, product or services.

To make the most out of what visual content has to offer, try to establish a way of communication that works for you and your clients, as well as watch out for visual trends.

In the upcoming year, the trends in design, marketing, and advertising will be all about contrast. Meanwhile, technology and futuristic mood will constitute an integral part of our lives, people might also want to take a break from everything bold and new. In that relation, artists and everyone working in the field of visual communication might seek to reinterpret the old trends.

Get inspired by our 2020 visual trends collection of images and videos and get prepared to be one step ahead of your competitors when working on creative projects next year.

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Visuals that will be trendy in 2020

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sci-fi creative workspace

artist in VR glasses

Fantasy alien planet

machine learning

3d background Illustration

guy in glasses

young African American woman

eye scanning footage

Happy dog enjoying sunshine

VR and planets

play on optical perception

If you’re looking for more insights on how to visualize futuristic concepts and add soothing colors to your designs, explore the full collection of images and videos. The visuals hand-picked by our content curators will definitely put your ideas on the right track.

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